John A. Heaton passed away on June 2, 2019 with family by his …

Paul D. Kievit of Hudson, WI passed away peacefully October 10…

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Regarding the serious accident on the 71 Freeway where two people just lost their lives: for years the 71 to 91 transition has been a safety problem.  It transitions from four lanes to two lanes and then essentially to one lane east and one lane west.  The resulting daily backup often reache…

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The 17 people who rallied last Saturday in Chino Hills to call for President Trump’s impeachment were outnumbered by the approximately 25 supporters of the president. The event was part of gatherings nationwide asking Congress to start impeachment proceedings.

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As a pastor I am privileged to meet people and besides greeting them in the church, I am invited in good times and bad into their homes. This has given me a view of our community that many might not ever see, and I can tell you without reservation that we have a problem with available housin…

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In addition to graduations and weddings, June was a big month for Chino Valley because of its dairy industry. It was the month of celebrating our largest industry--dairying. In the 1970s, Chino Valley became the largest concentrated milk producing area in the world, a title it held (with our…

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As a lifelong Chino resident I would like to thank you for your service to this wonderful city and continued success of this local community paper. It’s a great weekly read I look forward to on Saturday mornings.