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Chino Hills Flash team members Denise Chen, Aariana Amezcua, Sierra De Los Rios, Baylin Polite, Paige Hansen, Izel Candia and Kennedy Duralde are among 38 Flash runners who will compete Saturday, Dec. 14 at the USATF Junior Olympics cross country meet in Wisconsin. Other members are Grace Sm…


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The first installment of county property taxes is due Tuesday, Dec. 10. Electronic payments are accepted online at, and by phone at 387-8308, and can be made using a checking or savings account. Credit card payments are accepted but a fee is charged. 

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It’s pretty hard in this day of instant communications to keep a stiff upper lip. In the old days before social media people had all night or more to digest bad news. Or in even older days, until the next Extra! hit the streets. Now people have 30 minutes to absorb the world’s problems they …

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If I oversaw the Thanksgiving menu for my family, I would serve many different foods. I would serve turkey, tri-tip, sausage, and barbeque ribs. 

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It's a big job taking charge of the family Thanksgiving, but as children reminded us in essays the Champion solicited from fifth graders (see the one below), it's fun when everyone brings their special holiday dish to share. Many hands make for lighter work.  

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