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Now that the birthday party is over, it’s time to get back to the real world including the mundane and even the insane.

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The Champion welcomes expressions of opinion from its readers regarding matters appearing here, or other matters of interest or concern. 

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We found another city of Chino. Not Chino Valley, Arizona, but Chino-shi, a mountainess place of 55,600 population in the 103-square-mile Nagano Prefecture (province) of Japan, west of Tokyo. It has the highest city hall in that country, mild winters and hot and humid summers, at about 5,000…

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I am an eighth grader attending Canyon Hills Jr. High School.  We recently had a wildfire near our house.  I want to thank the fire department for all their efforts in keeping everyone's houses safe.  There were many fire engines and helicopters involved with this fire. I know that one house…