Non-management city of Chino staff members will receive 3 percent cost of living increases this fiscal year and the next, and 2 percent increases in the following two years under a four-year contract approved by the city council on Oct. 17.

The employees will also receive Martin Luther King Jr. Day – observed the third Monday of January each year – as a paid holiday.

The employees, who are represented by the Teamsters union, received basically the same contract that was awarded to all other city employees by the council in early September.

Other changes

The Teamster-represented employees will also receive a $50 a month increase to their benefit bank effective for the pay period beginning Dec. 1, 2019 ($1,445), and a $50 increase for each year after through Dec. 1, 2022 when the benefit bank will be $1,595. The benefit bank is the amount of money the city provides to full-time employees to purchase health, dental and vision insurance.

The employee’s bereavement leave will be increased from three to five days.

The maximum sick leave accrual limit will be increased from 960 hours to 1,080 hours.

Bilingual pay has been increased from $60 a month to $100 a month. And, any language the department director deems necessary, including American Sign Language, will be included in bilingual pay.

All contract provisions are retroactive to the beginning of this fiscal year, July 1, unless otherwise specified.

The cost of this new contract to the city is $151,799 a year.

The total cost of this contract and the contracts approved in September is more than $1.6 million a year.

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