Girl Scouts bridging ceremony

Strickling Park in Chino Hills was the setting of a May 17 bridging ceremony held for 11 Chino Hills Girl Scouts with troop leader Zoe Pacela (left in back row) and Troop 9044 members Nichole Godfrey, Emily Pacela, Blair Landherr, Katie Grace Drummond, Lauren Gumarang, Jeanne Poirier, Ashley Kuo, Kayla Bondoc, Audrey Lee and Troop 9454 Girl Scouts Yamrot Abdulkadir and Brianna Landazuri.

A quaint wooden bridge at Strickling Park in Chino Hills marks the continuation of a journey for 11 local girl scouts.  

Chino Hills Troop 9044 comprised of nine girls held a bridging ceremony there on May 17 during which each one moved from Cadette Girl Scout to Senior Girl Scout. 

A week earlier, each girl in the troop had been awarded a Silver Award at a Las Colinas Girl Scouts event.  

The girls had worked in teams to complete three sustainable projects at schools in their community to earn the award, which is the second highest in Girl Scouts.    

Jeanne Poirier and Audrey Lee built two “Buddy Benches” intended to spark friendships among elementary students at Country Springs and Chaparral elementary schools. 

A Happy Homework Club, in which older students tutor younger ones at Country Springs Elementary, was started by Emily Pacela, Kayla Bondoc, Nichole Godfrey and Lauren Gumarang. 

Katie Grace Drummond, Blair Landherr and Ashley Kuo, all students of Townsend Junior High, created a program that involves leadership students in posting inspirational messages around the school campus.     

Two girls of Chino Hills Troop 9454 joined their sister troop at the bridging ceremony.  Yamrot Abulkadir was bridging from Senior to Ambassador and Brianna Landazuri was bridging from Ambassador to Adult.  

Ambassador Lindsey Pacela of the same troop assisted in the ceremony.  

Co-leaders of Troop 9044 are Zoe Pacela and Marilee Poirier. Mrs. Pacela and Francine Chavez co-lead Troop 9454.  

For information about joining Girl Scouts, email Mayra Barajas at or call (626) 677-2324. 

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