Chino Hills has written off $25,979 in unpaid bills since July 2017.

Of that amount, $21,281 consists of utility bills owed by former residents who skipped their final bill.

The remaining balance is $4,698 in unpaid invoices for property damage from traffic accidents and field lighting charges.

When customers do not pay the amount on time, staff pursues collection until it is no longer cost effective, at which time the past due invoice is turned over to the city’s collection agency.

Utility debt

The largest utility debt was $2,070 owed by former resident Dexter Humphrey of Scenic Ridge Drive for his trash and sewer account. 

The city was unable to turn off his water for non-payment because 250 households on Scenic Ridge, Rock Crest Drive and Rimrock Avenue receive water supplied by Pomona.

Other large debts were $1,949 by Mark Hassan of Esquilime Drive who used a high volume of water and did not pay his last two bills, and $933 by Quan Quan Zhou of Collinas Pointe who used a high volume of water and did not pay his last three bills.

S & R Amigos of the former Amigos Restaurant at 14670 Pipeline Avenue owes $577 for high water usage and did not pay its last two bills.

Property damage

The largest property damage debt was $4,260 incurred by Romero Benedicto for knocking down a traffic signal on the southwest corner of Grand Avenue and Chino Hills Parkway during an accident in 2018.

Miguel Gomez owes $223 for damaging city trees in a traffic accident at Soquel Canyon Parkway and Mindenvale Drive in 2017, and Scott Andrew Gatling owes $134 for damaging turf at Hunters Hill Park on Natalie Road in a traffic accident in 2017.

The Southern California Outlaws, a youth travel baseball team that formerly used fields in Chino Hills, owes $80 in unpaid field light charges from 2017.

Councilman Brian Johsz asked city manager Ben Montgomery to explore ways that the city can fully recover the debt, including putting a lien on property if the amount reaches a certain threshold.


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