The City of Chino Hills is paying $78,573 this fiscal year for the cost of four recreation brochures printed and mailed to Chino Hills residents, an amount that has been increasing steadily over the past five years.

The three-year agreement with PGI Pacific Graphics began in fiscal year 2017-18 for $49,162, with two one-year options that will take the contract into fiscal year 2021-22, for a total contract amount of $361,711.

During a city council discussion Tuesday about a contract amendment, Councilman Ray Marquez said the brochure is great but getting too expensive. He suggested it be posted only on the city website and asked staff to research how other cities handle distribution.

The following day, Mr. Marquez said the city should mail a postcard to residents notifying them when the recreation guide is posted on the city website. 

“I want us to think outside the box on how we can provide the brochure to residents in a better way,” he said. “It’s costing us a lot of money and I think the number of residents who throw it away is high.”

Resident Brad Goldman speculated that half the residents throw them away. He said the recreation guide is great but should only be mailed to residents who request it.

Community services director Jonathan Marshall said it has become commonplace for cities to send out a hard copy as well as making it available on their website.

Mr. Marshall said he will find out what other cities are doing and explore avenues that would be effective to get the word out about the programs while making sure it’s a “good bang for the buck.”

In addition to recreation programs and classes, the guide contains news articles, special events information, town meeting announcements, issues related to community concerns such as fire prevention and power shutoffs, and a guide to parks and facilities.

The brochure, called the “Recreation Guide and City News,” is mailed to all single-family, multi-family and mobile homes in Chino Hills. An additional 500 to 1,000 copies are ordered for marketing and placement at recreation counters, depending on the season.

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