A major paving project on the 60 Freeway and work on one of three freeway overpass bridges to be replaced in Chino will begin Monday. 

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) projects, along with two other interchange projects, have been dubbed the “60 Swarm” by Caltrans because all will be under construction within approximately the same time period.

The $134 million freeway project will replace pavement slabs along the 60 Freeway from Euclid Avenue in Ontario to the 60/91/215 junction in Riverside, upgrade Americans with Disability Act access points and repave the on and off ramps within the project limits. 

That project is expected to be complete in fall 2021, weather permitting.

The $23 million bridge project will replace bridge overcrossings on Pipeline, Monte Vista and Benson avenues along the 60 Freeway in Chino, bringing them up to current state standards by raising the vertical clearance and adding one lane in each direction.

Work on the Pipeline bridge is expected to begin Monday. When that project is completed, work will begin on the Monte Vista bridge and then the Benson Avenue bridge.

The total project is expected to be completed by fall 2021, weather permitting.

Freeway closures

Caltrans is alerting motorists that full directional closures on the freeway will be held over a period of 15 weekends, beginning with the first closure on Friday, July 26. 

Full closure of the eastbound 60 Freeway, including all eastbound on and off ramps, between the I-15 and the 60/91/215 Junction in Riverside will be held eight weekends from 10 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday, July 26 through Sept. 23 (excluding Labor Day weekend). There will be no eastbound access during this closure. Motorists may use the westbound 60 Freeway to access local on and off ramps.

Full closure of the westbound 60 Freeway, including all westbound on and off ramps, between the 60/91/215 Junction in Riverside to the I-15 will be held seven weekends 10 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday, Sept. 28 through Nov. 18 (excluding Veterans Day). There will be no westbound access during this closure. Motorists may use the eastbound 60 Freeway to access local on and off ramps.

The contractor will begin nighttime work Monday from Euclid Avenue to the 60/91/215 Junction, with lane closures 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

A traffic reconfiguration will occur on 60 Freeway west of the I-15 for the duration of the project. Five lanes will be available in each direction on the 60 Freeway during daytime work west of the I-15. The speed limit will be lowered to 55 miles per hour in the construction zone. 

Detour signs will be in place in advance including information posted on the Caltrans overhead changeable message signs along freeways. Motorists are advised to use alternate freeways such as the 10, 15, 210 and 91 to avoid the closures. 

Access to local areas and businesses will be available by accessing on and off ramps from the opposite direction of the closure. 

A meeting on the project will be held with the media on Tuesday, July 23 in Glen Avon.

Bridge closures

Beginning Monday, the bridge contractor is scheduled to begin nighttime work on the Pipeline Avenue bridge with lane closures that will continue through the length of the project. The closures will take place 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. The speed limit will be lowered to 55 miles per hour in the construction zone.

Some SB1 funding

Both the freeway and bridge projects will receive partial funding from Senate Bill 1, known as the Gas Tax, that was approved by voters in 2017. Approximately $10.4 million will go toward the three bridges project, and approximately $16.9 million towards the freeway paving project. 

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