City of Chino Hills

After a salary survey was conducted last year for executive management, managers and supervisors for the City of Chino Hills, the pay ranges for department directors has resulted in divergent pay for at least three employees.

The pay ranges were posted on the city website this week after a 3 percent raise kicked in Sept. 1 as part of the three-year memorandum of understanding that went into effect in 2018.

The Chino Hills City Council requested that city staff conduct the survey to determine the market-based salary ranges for individual positions as compared to 13 neighboring cities.

According to the new salary schedule, the pay range for the community services director position that oversees parks and recreation, occupied by Jonathan Marshall, decreased so he was placed into a different category called the “Y” range.

His base salary of $189,444 was not decreased.

Mr. Marshall’s salary will remain at this level and he is eligible to receive only the scheduled increases negotiated for executive management in the memorandum of understanding process.

Six steps

City spokesperson Denise Cattern said Mr. Marshall began employment with the city in 1994 as a recreation supervisor and moved to the highest step of the salary range.

Each department head has a salary range that includes six steps, Mrs. Cattern said.

Mr. Marshall’s salary exceeds the salaries of the city treasurer/finance director and public works director/city engineer.

Finance director Christa Buhagier’s base salary is $179,234 and public works director/city engineer Daniel Bobadilla’s base salary is $171,101.

Mr. Bobadilla began employment with the city last month and is in Step 2 of the public works salary range and Ms. Buhagier is in Step 4 of the finance director’s salary range.

Community development director Joann Lombardo is in Step 6 of her position’s range with a base salary of $200,637.

New assistant city manager Rod Hill is in Step 6 of the salary range with a base salary of $208,104 and city manager Ben Montgomery’s base salary is $229,694.

Base salaries do not include benefits including a $500 monthly car allowance, $1,659 per month for medical benefits, city-paid life insurance for $100,000, 12 paid holidays per year, retirement, and other perks.


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