Three recycling redemption centers in the Chino Valley were among 284 closed Monday by RePlanet, California’s largest operator of the centers.

The closed centers in Chino Valley are at 5832 Riverside Drive, Chino (Stater Bros. center), 3255 Grand Ave., Chino Hills (Payne Center) and 15970 Los Serranos Country Club Drive, Chino Hills (Albertsons center).

RePlanet president David Lawrence said the centers were closed because of increased business costs, including minimum wage increases, and falling prices of recycled aluminum and PET plastic.

He also said the company will file for Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, a state form of bankruptcy.

The closures affected 750 employees and came three years after the firm closed 191 centers and laid off 278 employees.

After Chino Hills Mayor Cynthia Moran posted about the RePlanet closures on her Facebook page this week, she received more than 190 comments, including several from residents upset about the closures and wondering where they can take their California Refund Value (CRV) recyclables, such as aluminum cans and plastic containers.

The CRV program charges customers a fee on beverage containers and refunds it once the items are recycled.

At least one CRV recycling center remains in Chino Hills. It is located behind the Smart & Final store, on the northeast corner of Chino Hills Parkway and Pipeline Avenue.

At least two CRV recycling centers remain open in Chino. 

GreenYard Recycling, Inc. is located behind the Superior grocery store on the northeast corner of Central and Walnut avenues. CEO and owner Sarkis Bayamdzhyan said he hopes to take over the closed RePlanet recycling centers, if they are made available.

SA Recycling at 11614 East End Ave., Chino also accepts CRV recycling.

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