Plans to improve Monte Vista Park this spring have expanded to include replacement of the popular splash pad water feature at the Chino park on Monte Vista Avenue with a new Vortex Splash Pad.

The city council voted Tuesday to award a $992,353 contract to Micon Construction, Inc. in Placentia to replace the existing splash pad, which officially opened to the public in April 2006. 

In addition, the council voted to authorize up to $99,236 for project contingencies, pay $217,339 to Miracle Playground Sales in Corona for equipment and an above-ground equipment enclosure. The council also increased the design contract with RHA Landscape Architects-Planners, Inc. for the park improvements by $22,975 for a total of $106,765.

The new water play area will be larger and will have special areas for toddlers, youth and families. It will be enclosed with a wrought iron fence and seat wall for residents to use while visiting the splash pad.

The original plan included a pre-fabricated restroom and pre-fabricated shade structure, walkways, and the development of a Master Plan for the future installation of a new splash pad. 

However, the new splash pad was moved up to this spring when City staff realized that the existing water feature was “reaching the end of its life cycle, had fallen into disrepair and needed replacement,” according to Linda Reich, Chino’s director of community services, in a report to the council.

Replacing the splash pad will serve several purposes, according to Ms. Reich. She said replacing the existing splash pad’s underground plumbing with an above-ground structure will meet current County Health Department standards. She also said that replacing the splash pad this spring, while the other work is underway, will save the City from damaging the new construction later to make the replacement, and from closing the park a second time.

“We are excited to be able to replace the splash pad,” Mayor Eunice Ulloa said. “It is a focal point of the park and gets a lot of use during the summer. Maintenance issues were getting to be more frequent with the current splash pad, causing repeated shut downs while repairs were made.”

The council has already approved contracts to install the restroom, shade structure and walkways, as well as make the park compliant with accessibility requirements for persons with disabilities.

The proposed park improvements include demolition and removal of an outdated modular building, which previously served as a medical clinic. It will be replaced with the pre-fabricated restroom building.

The pre-fabricated shade structure will be installed adjacent to the park’s splash pad, providing a covered are with picnic tables and barbecues.

Irrigation modifications and turf replacement will also be completed to the surrounding landscape areas.

Construction will begin in mid-February and is expected to be completed by mid-July. The Monte Vista Park Teen Center will remain open, but the splash pad and play structure will be closed to the public during construction.

Upgrades to the remainder of the parking lot will be done at a later date, Ms. Reich said in the report.

The city council on Tuesday also approved funding sources for the new splash pad, its equipment, and enclosure. The council approved appropriating $1,027,381 from the unappropriated reserves of the City’s Park Fund with a year-end transfer of $226,293 from the Commercial/Industrial Park Development Impact Fee and an appropriation of $452,585 from the General Fund reserves. 


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