85-acre Paradise Ranch

An image of the location of the future 85-acre Paradise Ranch at Canyon Hills Road is shown. Clustered lots will be located on approximately 16 to 17 acres and the rest of the land will remain open space.

A real estate developer is proposing 45 lots on 85 acres on Canyon Hills Road, directly north of the Hillcrest Homes in Carbon Canyon.

Lot 45 has an existing home on the property.

The vast majority of the ranchland would not become developed under the application submitted June 4 by True Life Companies of Irvine, according to Rob Flitton, regional director, Southern California.

Mr. Flitton said only 16 to 17 acres will be used for the houses, and the rest of the property will be open space.

He said the project, to be called Paradise Ranch at Canyon Hills Road, will be sensitive to the surrounding environment and will be neighborhood friendly.

Mr. Flitton said his group intends to conduct outreach with surrounding neighbors.

The site will include a private drive aisle with one entrance/exit from Canyon Hills Road across from Spring Creek Way, according to the project description listed on the application.

A tree removal permit application was submitted, but the number of trees proposed for removal was not available.


The property is proposed to be a “clustered development” which concentrates homes in one portion of the development with a large amount of natural open space.

The cluster ordinance was fine-tuned by the Chino Hills Planning Commission during four public workshops over the course of eight months in 2016.

The commission intended the ordinance to govern development of ranchland in Chino Hills without obliterating natural open space.

Clustering reduces the impact on sensitive habitat while allowing relaxed standards on the size, width, and depth of lots, setbacks and lot coverage.

Another Carbon Canyon project proposed for clustering is K.V. Kumar’s Hidden Oaks Country Club development across the street from Circle K which has recently been reduced from a proposed 107 lots to 53.

Gentile family

Phil Gentile, a family member of the 85-acre horse ranch on Canyon Hills Road south of the Oak Tree Downs community, told the planning commission three years ago that clustering would allow him to develop 16 acres and leave the rest as open space.

He said the family horse ranch contains trees, including oaks, that are 100 years old.

Mr. Gentile said clustering was encouraging to him because in the past, developers had approached the family to “tear and cut the land” and the family did not want that.

Another family member, Michael Gentile, said clustering would allow continued equestrian and trail use on the open land.

According to the City of Chino Hills, lots will range from 7,200 square feet to 18,000 square feet. The two-story homes will range from 3,200 square feet to 4,000 square feet.

A California Environmental Quality Act review will be conducted as part of the process.

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