Construction on The Max Scott Center for the Culinary Arts at Boys Republic appears to be moving at lightning speed, like a race car owned by former resident Steve McQueen.

After three years of planning and preparation, there have been no hold ups during the construction phase, which began in January. 

Completion is on target for the end of this year, said executive director Chris Burns. 

“It looks like we made it through the rainy months unscathed,” he said. 

The organization that supports troubled teens recently held its biggest fundraiser of the year, the Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show, on June 2 at the Chino Hills facility. 

Proceeds of $587,000 raised in the 11th annual event will help fund the new $4.5 million culinary center. 

Culinary students planned, prepared and served a dinner at the event that raised $136,160 in combination with proceeds from a live auction, Mr. Burns said. 

Boys Republic currently runs a commercial bakery which supplies Vons, and some local casinos and restaurants. 

The bakery operation, which was affected by the closure of the Chino Hills Farmers’ Market a few weeks ago, will not be taking on additional customers until the new facility is finished, according to the director. 

The center will allow more students to participate in culinary training, from which they can be fully employable when they leave the program, Mr. Burns said. 

Students who are interested in taking it to the next level as a chef or manager can enter culinary arts programs offered at several community colleges, he added.

A classroom will be constructed adjacent to cooking stations, prep stations, refrigeration, storage, washing and catering areas.

Additional space will allow for a separation between bakery products and cake making, Mr. Burns said. 

A new production kitchen with state-of-the art equipment will be used to prepare daily meals for the residential students. 

Students will host luncheons attended by members of support groups of Boys Republic and other community organizations in the new 2,331 square foot bistro. 

The bistro will seat 100 people and contain a wall of windows from which to view the outside property.

Mr. Burns said only a few trees on the lushly landscaped Boys Republic campus were lost during construction. 

The building design incorporates the aesthetics of several historic buildings on the campus, designed in the early 1900s by noted Southern California architect Myron Hunt. 

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