The Chino Valley school board on Thursday postponed voting for contracts for the district’s superintendent and assistant superintendents until classified employees can ratify their contract.

Days before the Oct. 3 board meeting, California School Employees Association (CSEA) union president Danny Hernandez and Superintendent Norm Enfield agreed that a vote on those contracts should be postponed, said Mr. Hernandez.   

The Chino Valley school district has a long-standing tradition of giving all employee groups the same percent annual salary increase at the same time, Mr. Hernandez told the Champion. 

He said he was “shocked” to see that raises for every other employee group except classified employees were included in the Oct. 3 agenda.

Superintendent Enfield did pull the raises for himself and his cabinet from the agenda.

Following the board meeting, he told the Champion that he had not been aware of the CSEA's timelines for its contract.

During the meeting, the superintendent said he and the district's assistant superintendent of Human Resources are working with Mr. Hernandez to expedite negotiations. 

CSEA serves about 1,050 non-teaching, support employees, such as bus drivers and clerical staff.

The union is a year behind on its contract process and is working to finalize its 2018 contract with the district. It must do that before it can begin negotiations for the 2019-2022 school years, Mr. Hernandez said.

“I understand why the district felt they needed to do (approve the other contracts), but it’s a conversation that I would have liked to have had ahead of time,” Mr. Hernandez said.

“It’s a matter of openness and fairness,” Mr. Hernandez said.

The district and CSEA came to a tentative contract agreement recently for 2018. 

Members are expected to vote on the new contract in early December. 

The new contract would then go to the Dec. 12 board meeting for approval.  

The board voted Oct. 3 to ratify the teachers’ agreement which awarded a 2.5 percent salary increase for the 2019-20 school year effective July 1 with a half percent one-time payment based on a 2019-20 salary schedule.  

The board also approved a two percent raise in 2020-21 effective July 1, 2020 and a 1 percent one-time payment for that year. 

In separate votes, the same percent of salary increase and one-time payments for the two years were approved for management and classified confidential employees. 

The board voted against giving itself a raise.

Salary increases will be retroactive to July 1, 2019.

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