Illegal fireworks sign

Signs posted around Chino advise residents that anyone caught using illegal fireworks can face a $1,000 fine. Last year, law enforcement officials wrote 98 citations, including three in Chino Hills where all fireworks are considered illegal. 

Use of legal fireworks in many areas of Chino will be allowed from noon Monday, July 1 through midnight Thursday, July 4, and law enforcement officials in Chino and Chino Hills will be armed with citations for violators caught breaking the law.

All fireworks are considered illegal in Chino Hills. 

In Chino, fireworks that have the California Fire Marshal’s seal of approval can be used in residential areas only, except areas south of Pine Avenue and east of Euclid and Hellman avenues between Kimball and Merrill.

Fireworks are not allowed in parking lots, parks or schools.

“Enjoy it, but stay within the parameters of the law,” said Chino Police Chief Karen Comstock. “Fireworks have been a tradition in Chino for a long time. I think there are more people who enjoy it than people who don’t enjoy it. It’s what the people want, the people have spoken and they enjoy having their Fourth of July holiday with fireworks.” 

She said 52 officers will work the night of July 4, mainly focusing on fireworks-related reports. 

There were 397 calls for service on July 4 last year between the hours of 6 p.m. and midnight. Of those, 267 calls were fireworks related. On a typical night between 6 p.m. and midnight, police respond to an average of 66 calls. 

Last year, 98 citations were written in Chino for illegal fireworks use, which was up from the 64 citations written in 2017 and the 78 citations issued in 2016.

Chino Hills police issued three citations last year. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, no citations were written in Chino Hills.

Also, for the second year in a row, residents can help document illegal firework use in Chino by sending video or photos to the Chino Police Department.

Chief Comstock said the person reporting the violation will need to place a call for service with the Chino Police Department, identify the violator, sign a form that explains their role in capturing the video or photo, and must be willing to testify at a possible court hearing.

“We had one or two residents who did that last year. If you just send a video or photo to our dispatch, we will not be doing an investigation,” Chief Comstock. 

Sales of legal fireworks will begin at noon Monday, July 1 and will continue until 9 p.m. Thursday, July 4. Thirty fireworks booths will be operated by non-profit groups. 

Illegal fireworks are those that explode, fly, or do not have the fire marshal’s seal of approval.

Violators in Chino face a $500 fine for inappropriate use of safe and sane fireworks or a $1,000 fine for possession or using illegal fireworks. Anyone caught using fireworks in Chino Hills will face a $1,000 fine.

Safety tips

Chino Valley Fire District offered several safety tips to residents using the legal “safe and sane” fireworks

• Always read and follow the directions

• Have an adult supervise all fireworks activities

• Buy from a permitted fireworks vendor

• Ignite fireworks outside and have a water source available

• Never experiment with fireworks, modify fireworks or try to make fireworks of your own

• Ignite fireworks one at a time

• Never reignite malfunctioning fireworks

• Store unused fireworks in a cool, dry place

• Never throw fireworks or carry them in your pocket.

More information can be found at

Firework booth 


•The Bridge, 5370 Schaefer Ave.

•Chino American Legion Post 299, 13759 Central Ave.

•Chino American Little League, 5459 Philadelphia St.

•Chino High School Band Boosters, 5832 Riverside Drive.

•Chino Cowboy Huddle Club, 12375 Central Ave.

•Chino High School Basketball, 12835 Riverside Drive.

•CHAPPS, 5288 Francis Ave.

•Chino High School Pep Squad, 3943 Grand Ave.

•Chino High School Sports Boosters, 12345 Mountain Ave.

•Chino Neighborhood House, 12013 Central Ave.

•Chino Valley Lions Club, 13452 Central Ave.

•Christ Lutheran, east of northeast corner of Central and Francis.

•Cornerstone Christian Church, 13675 Central Ave.

•Don Lugo High School Grad Nite, 12550 Central Ave.

•Don Lugo High Performing Arts and Band, 4531 Philadelphia St.

•Don Lugo High Renaissance and Spirit, 12402 Central Ave.

•Don Lugo High Sports Boosters, 4117 Riverside Drive.

•Gavin R. Stevens Foundation, southeast corner of Ramona and Eucalyptus.

•Living Word Assembly, 13012 Euclid Ave.

•Magnolia Junior High After School, 6691 Riverside Drive.

•Magnolia Junior High Music Boosters, 5396 Riverside Drive.

•San Bernardino-Monte Vista 4-H Council, 4673 Riverside Drive.

•New Hope Christian Fellowship, 13333 Ramona Ave.

•Nitemares Soccer Club, northeast corner of Ramona and Chino Hills Parkway\.

•Parents of Chino Scouts, 11901-12089 Central Ave.

•Parents of Troop #202, 5678 Riverside Drive.

•Praise Chapel, 12150 Central Ave.

•To The Pointe Dance Production-Mission Sports, 14058 Euclid Ave.

•Turning Point Church, 5103 Riverside Drive.

•Victory Outreach, 11436 Central Ave.

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