A large sign that went up on vacant property at the end of English Road depicting horses in front of a mansion on an equestrian facility sponsored by an immigration center has raised more questions than answers.

Residents of the equestrian neighborhood west of Peyton Drive in Chino Hills  said they are curious as to why a residential development proposed as “Windsor Manor” is being announced by a visa office.

The phone number on the sign belongs to the North American Immigration Center located at 13751 Roswell Ave. in a Chino business park. The center offers immigration services.

The American National Regional Center Group, also named on the sign, is a firm that provides EB-5 investing in the United States.

The EB-5 investor visa program, or Immigrant Investor Program, allows immigrants who make an investment in a United States business to obtain a green card and a path to citizenship.

According to real estate records, the approximately 35-acre parcel of land was acquired by Pine Hills LLC, located at 22632 Golden Springs Drive, Unit 350, in Diamond Bar in August.

Several phone calls and a visit to the North American Immigration Center by the Champion yielded no response from the firm.

By Wednesday, the sign was placed face down on the property behind some shrubbery.

Community development director Joann Lombardo said the city did some research and it appears that the business provides United States immigration strategies through EB-5 and E-2 investment opportunities for foreign investors and their families who wish to obtain permanent residency or temporary status in the United States.

Ms. Lombardo said it’s possible that the business is offering the property as an investment opportunity through the EB-5 program.

The E-2 investor visa is similar to the EB-5.

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