Work is expected to begin this summer on the $3 million El Prado Road reconstruction project between Kimball and Central avenues in south Chino.

The roadwork is expected to be completed within 90 days of start. 

The project is different from routine re-pavement projects, city staff said, because it will involve going down to the very bottom of the deteriorating roadway and building it back up.

Total road closures are not expected, except for some short periods, Maria Fraser, Chino’s civil engineering manager, told the city council on May 22.

When design work for the project began, the City received an application for a gas station on the northeast corner of El Prado Road and Central Avenue. City officials had hoped the developers of that business would be able to help with some of the costs of widening the intersection and making it more accessible to persons with disabilities. Recently, the City decided to address those concerns because of the uncertainty of the gas station project and its construction schedule.

A contract has been awarded to All American Asphalt for the project, for nearly $2.4 million. 

Other costs involved with the street reconstruction include $141,131 for design, $239,236 for contingencies, $151,770 for project management and $80,000 for inspections, for a total cost of just over $3 million.

Approximately $2.2 million had been allocated for the project from the City’s Capital Improvement Project budget for 2018-2019. To make up the deficit, the city council on Tuesday approved transferring $800,000 earmarked for a 2019-2020 street rehabilitation project. Money will be fully allocated for that project in the 2019-2020 budget, City officials said.

City Manager Matt Ballantyne said the City wants to make sure that Bickmore Avenue is up and running in the Preserve area of south Chino before the El Prado work begins because many drivers use El Prado to access the Preserve.

The Bickmore work was undertaken in February when a 250-foot-long sinkhole opened up Feb. 14 along the street, just west of Meadowhouse Avenue, following a heavy rain.

Bickmore is a major east-west corridor for drivers moving through the Preserve area.

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