Dog license fees go up

As of July 1, Chino Hills residents will pay $5 more for their dog’s license if Fido is altered. The yearly $15 fee is going up to $20.

Unaltered dog license fees remain at $50 per year.

The Inland Valley Humane Society requested the increase because a growing number of residents are getting their dogs altered, causing revenue for the city’s animal care and control contract to go down, said James Edward, operations manager.

“Chino Hills has a large population of pets that are altered so as revenue decreases, the city would then look at increasing its contribution,” Mr. Edward said.

Chino residents pay $25 per year for altered dogs. That fee was increased from $15 to $25 in 2017. The fee for unaltered dogs is $50.

Chino Hills City Manager Ben Montgomery told the council during a recent hearing on user fees that if the license fee was not increased, it would not offset the costs associated with the contract.

“The Inland Valley Humane Society came to us and asked us to look at what other cities charge,” Mr. Montgomery said. “Nobody is charging $15 and half are charging $25 or more, so we’re placing it at the $20 mark.”

Mayor Cynthia Moran said it’s ironic that the city worked so hard to get pet owners to fix their dogs and yet it was the only fee in the animal control contract to go up.

“As more people alter their dogs, we’re finding the revenue is shrinking, so we’re just looking to make a modest increase to bring it in line with other cities,” Mr. Montgomery said.

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