A not-so-pretty corner on the southwest corner of English Road and Peyton Drive will be beautified with trees, shrubs and daylilies as a result of a three-way agreement worked out by the City of Chino Hills.

Verizon proposed a wireless facility in 2016 to be located within the Southern California Edison substation and asked for a one-year extension in May.

The 50-foot-tall wireless telecommunication facility will be disguised as a pine tree that will, according to a Verizon representative, have a “nice, conical shape about it,” unlike the monopines of yesteryear.

Fence in a fence

However, the monopine will be enclosed by a 6-foot high chain-link fence with a 4-foot-wide gate within the substation which itself is surrounded by a chain-link fence and considered a community eyesore.

To enhance the stark corner, Verizon has agreed to landscape 1,634-square-feet of the dirt area facing Peyton Drive adjacent to the substation fence.

Community development director Joann Lombardo said the city has been working through difficult negotiations with Verizon and Southern California Edison to execute the landscape maintenance easement agreement. 

The city will maintain the landscaping after it has been planted by Verizon.

Two residents, Charlene Peterson and Christian Addicott, criticized Edison during the May 21 planning commission meeting for not installing a solid wall around the substation.

Mr. Addicott, who lives on English Road, said he has seen numerous children climbing the chain-link fence and he is concerned one of them will get electrocuted.

“I’m sure Edison can afford to build an attractive wall around the substation,” Mr. Addicott said. “Every other substation has a wall around it.”

Kim Zuppiger, contract senior planner, said Southern California Edison wants a line-of-sight into the substation and not a solid enclosure.

Ms. Lombardo said the city cannot put conditions on the substation but can establish some parameters for the cell tower project.

She said it was a big win to get landscaping in front of the substation.

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