Five school resource officers, all sworn law enforcement officers, are interacting with students and resolving problems at all high schools in the Chino Valley through agreements with the two cities and the Chino Valley school district.

Contracts began Aug. 12 and will end May 28, 2020.

Officers and their high schools are Deputy Noel Negron at Chino Hills High, Deputy Scott Walsh at Ayala High in Chino Hills, Officer Ryan Tillman at Don Lugo High in Chino, Officer Marissa Torres at Chino High and Officer Reggie Barber at Buena Vista Continuation School in Chino.

Previously, Ramona and Magnolia junior high schools in Chino had a resource officer, but the school district did not request one this year, said Chino Deputy City Manager Vivian Castro.

The resource officers provide immediate police response to problems on campus, expedited resolutions of criminal activity, student and law enforcement interaction, and crime prevention, according to their contracts.

The Chino Hills City Council approved the contract with the school district at its Aug. 13 meeting, with the city’s share at $250,477, an increase of $7,731 from last year, that includes overtime and vehicle costs like fuel and maintenance.

Total cost, split between the city and the school district, is $500,894.  

Chino Hills Councilman Brian Johsz said it was well worth the city spending one-quarter of a million dollars.

“We take our commitment seriously to keep schools safe.” Mr. Johsz said.

The Chino City Council is expected to approve its agreement at the Sept. 3 council meeting, which is also split with the school district.

Under Chino’s agreement, the city will be reimbursed by the district in the amount of $389,751 for the officers at Don Lugo, Chino, and Buena Vista, said Ms. Castro.

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