City of Chino Hills

Three items with high public interest will be heard at the Chino Hills City Council meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday in council chambers: apartments at Lake Los Serranos, the renovation of Torrey Pines Park, and an appeal hearing for an 11-home Carbon Canyon project.

Los Serranos

A traffic study on the impacts of 354 apartments proposed on 48 acres that includes the 19-acre Lake Los Serranos will be considered.

Jack Greening, owner of Lake Los Serranos Mobile Home Park on Pipeline Avenue, is proposing the apartments, consisting of two 13-acre “villages” connected by a bridge over the southern tip of the lake, to be called Rancho Cielito, north of Los Serranos Boulevard.

Residents have been signing petitions expressing concerns that the narrow streets of Los Serranos cannot support the traffic that will be generated by the development.

The traffic study would be prepared by LG2WB Engineers of Irvine in the amount of $48,875.

The item is on the consent calendar, which means that unless a councilmember or a member of the public asks for discussion, it will be automatically approved with the other consent calendar items.

Torrey Pines

Also on the consent calendar is the renovation of the secluded and often vandalized 3.2-acre Torrey Pines Park south of Los Serranos Country Club Drive, west of Albertsons.

The council will consider increasing the community facilities district 5 fund budget to include a new tennis court and playground in the amount of $718,000. The horse arena and aging gazebo would be demolished.

Carbon Canyon

An appeal hearing will take place for the 11-home Carbon Canyon project proposed next to the Carriage Hills development on the north side of Pinnacle Road.

The council on Aug. 13 appealed the planning commission’s decision of Aug. 6 to allow the developer a two-year extension to build the houses.

The council was concerned that the developer had already received a three-year extension by the commission in 2016 and has not moved forward yet.

Two residents expressed safety concerns including the proposed entrance to the cul-de-sac from Pinnacle Road.

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