waterline relocation project

A construction fence surrounds the former Sport Chalet building and other stores at the northern end of the Crossroads Marketplace in Chino Hills where a waterline relocation project is taking place.

A major waterline relocation and slope stabilization project is taking place by the big box stores between the former BevMo and the former Sport Chalet in the Crossroads Marketplace at Peyton Drive and the 71 Freeway in Chino Hills.

A large sign at the parking lot entrance states that businesses will remain open during construction and a chain-link fence surrounds the project, leading some residents to speculate that the new Costco gas station is being built.

The Costco expansion project, however, is more than a year away.

Crews are relocating a 12-inch water main from the rear of the big boxes to the area in front of the buildings. New lateral lines will be connected to each building.

According to community development director Joann Lombardo, the city became aware of instability in the slope in the northeastern area of the shopping center in 2013, specifically the slope that descends from the big box stores toward the 71 Freeway.

She said the slope movement caused structural damage to the building formerly occupied by BevMo and there was significant concern that the 6-inch water main behind the buildings could fail suddenly, causing slope failure at the west end and increasing the possibility of the loss of lateral support to the BevMo building.

Ms. Lombardo said the shopping center property owner has initiated efforts to stabilize the slope and mitigate potential risk.

Permits for the relocation of the water lines from the slope behind the buildings to the area in front of the buildings were issued in April 2019, she said. 

“The work is ongoing and should be completed by mid-February,” she said. 

The permit also includes the repair of the storm drain line behind the building, which has been completed.

“At this time, concerns for slope instability have been significantly abated as the 6-inch water main behind the retail buildings is no longer connected to a water source and the line has been abandoned in place,” Ms. Lombardo said.

After completion of the water line relocation, caissons will be installed into the west-facing slope that will “pin” the slope in place, she said.

Caissons are water-tight retaining structures

(See story about Costco’s expansion, Page A1.)

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