Alexis Oviedo

Alexis Oviedo

Police in Chino arrested a 19-year-old Ontario man Nov. 14 on suspicion of supplying Xanax pills, a drug for anxiety, to students at Don Lugo High and Ramona Junior High in Chino after four students at those schools were hospitalized between Nov. 6 and 8 for being under the influence of the drug.

Alexis Oviedo was arrested at 4:50 p.m. at a business in the 3500 block of Placentia Avenue in Chino, about one-and-a-half miles northwest of Don Lugo High. 

The police did not say how Mr. Oviedo is associated with the business. He was booked on $100,000 bail at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on charges of possession of a controlled substance for sale and obstruction of a police officer, jail records indicate.

Mr. Oviedo is expected to appear in court Monday.

Three students who attend Don Lugo, Ramona Junior High and Buena Vista Continuation School in Chino were also arrested for possession of Xanax for sale, said Chino Police Sgt. Dustin Tomicic. Their names, ages and city of residence were not provided because they are underage.

“The investigation revealed (Mr. Oviedo) was responsible for supplying Xanax to the students,” Sgt. Tomicic said. “The Chino Police Department takes the illegal use of prescription pills very seriously, especially when it involves our youth.”

Over the past couple of weeks, Chino Police’s Criminal Investigations Bureau have been investigating an influx of Xanax in the Chino community, including the junior high and high schools.

“Parents are strongly encouraged to talk with their children about the dangers of prescription medications and to dispose of any used prescription medications in their homes,” Sgt. Tomicic said. “The Chino Police Department will continue to take a proactive approach to deter the use of dangerous narcotics in our schools. We will continue to partner with the Chino Valley school district to make our community and our schools a safe place for our children.”

Chino Police, along with the Chino Hills Police Department, has a secure lockbox in the lobby of their stations for the public to safely drop off unwanted or expired medications.

The Chino Police Department is located at 5450 Guardian Way, one block north of Walnut Avenue at 10th Street. 

Chino Hills Police is located at 14077 Peyton Drive in the Chino Hills Government Center.

Information: Chino Police, 628-1234; Chino Hills Police, 364-2000.

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