This week the Chino city council approved a major change in top administration—without comment. A new deputy city manager position and salary and dropping of the “communications manager" (designated PIO) were approved automatically on the consent calendar, which means that the council either didn’t care or they had discussed it with the city manager ahead of time. He is allowed to make changes in the administration on his own, but it’s doubtful that he would do this without some kind of affirmation from council members, which would constitute a serial meeting, a no-no. The Chino council is known for its short procedural meetings. Maybe it’s a question that council election candidates might want to raise.

Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce’s membership has increased from 319 in early March to 375 at the end of August, according to a recent Chamber newsletter. New membership chairman David Bare is being credited for the big jump. “The reason that a lot of people are not chamber members is because no one ever asked them. Kind of like the reason some people are not married,” Mr. Bare said. 

A resident was driving on Carbon Canyon Road at 7:30 p.m. when three women holding the hands of two children darted in front of him, causing him to brake. They crossed in the dark at Canon Lane where the fire station and park are located, to the south side of the road. Carbon Canyon Road was shut down four days in a row last week because of traffic collisions.

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