It has been ten years since the doors opened to the new Chino Hills government center after being housed in modular buildings off Grand Avenue at Founders Drive since 1992. City Hall and Fire District headquarters opened Election Day, Nov. 4, 2008. The police station arrived in August, after 20 months at the McCoy Equestrian Center and almost 20 years in a modular building where Wood Ranch Barbecue is now located. The library followed in February 2009. 

A garden hose is no match for a wind-driven fire, says Fire Chief Tim Shackelford about people who disregarded evacuation orders to save their homes in the ongoing Northern California fires. He said the media is glorifying the success of the very lucky ones who used garden hoses to fight the fire in the face of extreme danger. He cautioned Chino Hills residents to heed directions during a fire because although their homes are near and dear to them, they are not worth losing a life over. 

As of Friday morning, Republican Young Kim only had a 122-vote lead over Democrat Gil Cisneros for Congressional District 39, which includes Chino Hills and a small portion of Chino. And the state superintendent race between Tony K. Thurmond and Marshall Tuck was also too close to call Friday morning. New results were to be posted Friday evening, after the Champion went to press.

The general fund for the City of Chino Hills grew by $120 on Election Night when unsuccessful Chino Hills city council District 4 candidate Rossana Mitchell-Arrieta submitted her campaign statements 12 days late. She was fined $10 per day. 

School board member Irene Hernandez Blair said in her closing comments recently that she wants to see the school district reestablish its Committee for the Arts program. A past committee appears to have fallen apart, but has not been officially disbanded, she said. Superintendent Norm Enfield said he would include the item on a future board agenda. 

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