Boys Republic received $300,000 from an out-of state-auction of a Special Limited Edition Bullitt Mustang, donated by Ford Motors as part of the home for troubled youth’s annual car show fundraiser. Shows are themed around Steve McQueen movies. This year was “Bullitt” and next year’s pick is “Reivers,” each celebrating its 50th anniversary. 


Chino Hills resident Erik Simonsen wondered why Caltrans installed “Warning Bump” signs at Olinda Drive and Carbon Canyon Road in Brea instead of just fixing the bumps. Caltrans District 12 says the signs are to notify commuters about the road condition while the agency investigates the cause of the depressions. Mr. Simonsen believes it will conclude that the weight of double-trailer trucks is the primary cause. The City of Chino Hills determined that truck traffic was one of three major factors contributing to the substandard conditions of the road. 

Something new was in the air at Chino’s picnic and fireworks celebration last Saturday. At least three drones were hovering above the crowd, with lights blinking.

A member of the city maintenance staff put modern technology to work to find his expensive cell phone which was lost while he was emptying trash. Using tracer aps he found it at the bottom of one of the disposal bags. He’s not sure how it got there, by falling or by being tossed by a finder who was scared off when it became activated.

Next year, the city will stick to its Saturday before the Fourth date, June 29 for its celebration at Ayala Park.


The candidate filing period for local offices is July 16 through 5 p.m. Aug. 10. Candidates for school board may obtain declaration of candidacy forms from the Registrar of Voters office, 777 E. Rialto Ave., San Bernardino. Candidates for city and district boards may get them from the clerk of the respective agency.

Digital dilemma--Chino Hills councilman Ray Marquez visited the Champion recently to prove he had not received text requests from us seeking a call back for a story. Cell phone comparisons revealed that the reporter submitted multiple requests over four months and none showed up on his phone. He wanted the public to know what happened (or didn’t). Still unable to figure out the glitch, they are resorting to hardwire.


The top four picks by Chino Hills residents for recreational facilities are an aquatics center, an indoor gym, a splash pad and a performing arts center. The city is updating its parks and recreation master plan and has been conducting surveys. 


It’s more than 3,000 miles away from here, but there is a Chino Farms in Queen Ann’s County, Maryland, part of a land conservancy being threatened by home development. The 5,000 acres along the Chester River is home to bald eagles, endangered squirrels and thousands of ducks and geese. 114 homes are planned on an adjacent farm.

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