CORRECTION—A miscalculation in last week’s Rolltop Roundup on horses made Richard Gird’s stallion Woolsey twice as tall as he was. The prolific stud stood 16 hands, which in equestrian parlance is almost 5½ feet tall at the withers, the point between his two shoulder blades, a height now considered standard for such a horse. Nevertheless, Woolsey was quite an imposing animal.

Free sandbags are available for residents before and during rainstorms at five Chino Valley Fire District stations. Sandbags can be filled at Station 1 at 5078 Schaefer Ave. in Chino; Station 2 at 5551 Butterfield Ranch in Chino Hills; Station 3 at 7550 Kimball Ave. in Chino; Station 4 at 16231 Canon Lane in Chino Hills; and Station 7, 5980 Riverside Drive in Chino. 

Carolyn Lee Sanchez, who brings Born Yesterday’s Billie Dawn to the Seventh Street Theatre stage, brings memories of Judy Holiday in the 1950 film to those old enough to remember. This classic comedy kicks off the Chino Community Theatre’s happy times series which has Mama Mia! lined up for April. Born Yesterday, which also takes a timely poke at doings in the nation’s capital, runs through Feb. 2.

A human trafficker survivor, Emily Dickson, will discuss the problem and how it affects the community at next Wednesday’s Chino Rotary Club meeting at the Community Building at noon. The lunch meeting is open to the public.

The school district plans to start two more major building projects soon. Bids are being advertised outside the district for a new science lab building at Briggs K-8 school on Roswell Avenue in Chino and for a gymnasium and kitchen upgrades at Ayala High in Chino Hills. 

Congresswoman Norma Torres (D-Pomona), who represents the 35th District ,including Chino and Ontario, has been appointed to the House Appropriations Committee which is responsible for appropriating federal spending, domestic and abroad. She said her top priorities are to bring federal resources to expand the Gold Line (train route), improve the Ontario Airport, promote affordable housing programs and ensure that California gets its fare share of federal dollars for road improvements.

Chino Hills Police Captain John Walker said there have been three cases in which people have been apprehended for possession of stolen vehicles after their licenses were read by the new automated license plate readers installed in Chino Hills last October. One was a vehicle that had been stolen from a Chino Hills resident. The captain was responding to a question by council critic Luis Esparza who opposed the $1.1 million cost when the cameras were installed. 

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools is among several agencies in California to receive a $400,000 annual grant from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to help alleviate a critical shortage of special education teachers. The funds may be used for teacher scholarships, student debt payments, tuition assistance for candidates seeking an education specialist credential, and for signing bonuses for newly credentialed special ed teachers. 

The Chino Hills Kiwanis Club Boat Parade may be “turned over” to the City of Chino Hills. Mayor Cynthia Moran said the Peyton Drive parade has been growing in attendance and entries, and at some point, it may make more sense for the city to handle the coordination entirely.

Chino Councilman Tom Haughey was re-appointed mayor pro tem at the council’s meeting Tuesday night. Mr. Haughey had just finished a two-year term in that post and will serve another two years as second-in-command on the council.

The Chino Hills City Council recently adjourned a meeting in memory of former resident Bre Payton who died Dec. 28 at age 26 from the swine flu. Ms. Payton worked for The Federalist and was a guest commentator on the Fox News and Fox Business Channel. The council also adjourned in memory of Kelly Sousa who died Dec. 30 at age 36 from cancer, leaving behind two daughters and her husband, Det. Narcie Sousa who worked at the Chino Hills sheriff’s station. 

The Chaffey College Community Center wasn’t the most conducive for a meeting on the future mental health facility at the men’s prison because the sound system seemed to muffle out the voices. Even the court reporter said it was difficult to hear. The two people at the front table appeared detached during the emotional testimony, one snacking on trail mix under the table and the other murmuring “thank you” without looking up, signaling the end of the meeting.

Heavy rain this week has forced the Vila Borba Dog Park in Chino Hills to close this weekend. City officials said Thursday the dog park at 17001 Amadora Drive, will reopen Monday, Jan. 21.  

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