The grand dame for the Prison City Derby Dames took offense to pickleball enthusiast Michael Orduno’s reference to the roller hockey rink at Grand Avenue Park as “abandoned” in last week’s article about bringing pickleball to Chino Hills. Chino Hills resident Maria Free said the dames have been using the court for practice games for 13 years and have paid more than $50,000 to do so, while pickleball players pay nothing. Pick-up roller hockey play occurs approximately three times a week. 

Caltrans dubbed the big paving project of the 60 Freeway between Euclid Avenue in Ontario and the 60/91/215 junction in Riverside and the 60 Freeway overpass bridge work in Chino as the “60 Swarm” because so much is being done at once. It has bombarded the media with press releases about the projects and on July 19 added an extra plea for help in getting the word out by stating that “the 60 Swarm is the Godzilla of Carmaggedon and Coronaneggedon” referring to two previous projects that caused major traffic issues when a bridge was demolished over the 405 Freeway in 2017 and another big project took place in the Corona area.

While the Monte Vista Avenue overpass at the railroad tracks in Montclair will soon be finished, local street work on Monte Vista and Central Avenues in Montclair may add to north-south traffic woes in coming months in addition to the 60 Swarm bridge work.

Art Bennett, new chairman of the chamber of commerce directors, has proposed that chamber members offer each other discounts as an incentive for membership.

State Senator for Chino Hills Ling Ling Chang made a personal appearance at the Chino Valley Chamber’s recent annual meeting and personally gave out her recognition to award winners, a rarity among invited officials who usually send staff members for such occasions.

Employment rates rose 2.2 percent in San Bernardino County from December 2017 to December 2018, according to statistics just released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor. Approximately 773,000 people were employed in the county at the end of 2018, and the average weekly wage was $934. By comparison, the nation’s overall employment rate rose 1.5 percent in the same period and the average weekly wage was $1,144. California’s rate rose by 1.7 percent and the weekly wage was $1,392. Nearby Los Angeles County’s average weekly wage was $1,380. Orange County’s was $1,251.

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