Flags throughout the area have been at half staff by presidential order since the first of the week. The flag code specifies a two-day lowering for Senators, which led the White House to raise its flag again Monday. After protests from veterans’ groups the President extended the memorial observance for national hero McCain.


While Chino Valley residents were rattled by the 4.4 (rated small) earthquake that struck Tuesday evening, no damage was reported in the area. The earthquake, centered north of La Verne, hit at 7:33 p.m. It was followed by several smaller aftershocks and was felt throughout Southern California. 


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to hook people on fishing by not requiring a license for those who do it today (Sept. 1). All fishing regulations, such as bag and size limits, gear restrictions, report card requirements and fishing hours and stream closures, remain in effect. For regulations, visit wildlife.ca.gov/regulations


Chino Valley residents heading out to Angeles and San Bernardino national forests this weekend might have an easier time getting information for their trip with the recent launch of forest-specific mobile apps that have maps and information on campgrounds and trails. Search for “Angeles National Forest” and “San Bernardino Nat. Forest” in Google Play on Android phones and Apple App on Apple phones.


Ontario approved a smoke-free and tobacco-free ordinance that took effect Aug. 22 backed by a group of teens, banning tobacco and e-cigarettes in public parks in Ontario. Chino Hills enacted a similar ordinance in March. 


Newspaper readers get a break from a decision from the International Trade Commission (ITC) announced this week. A U.S. tariff on imported Canadian newsprint, which would have actually benefited only one U.S. supplier, has been terminated by the ITC, which helps offset a costly increase in printing costs which has hit the Champion and the rest of the print industry throughout the country.

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