I became aware of a deliberate traffic violation when I exited the northbound Chino off ramp on the 71 Expressway on my way to work each morning. At the end of the ramp, as I awaited a green light to enter the intersection, drivers in cross traffic frequently ran the red light causing me to pause before entering the intersection on my green light. I have become aware of this at nearly every intersection.

Decades ago when I was learning to drive, I remember the yellow light being one of caution to the driver to slow down and prepare to stop at the intersection. Perhaps as a result of busy schedules, new norms for societal behaviors or increased traffic drivers tend to use the yellow light as an invitation to race through the intersection, oftentimes resulting in a traffic violation.

I’m speculating that this problem has increased not only due to the complacency of drivers but also to the lack of traffic enforcement. I cannot recall in recent years ever seeing a vehicle pulled over for a violation in Chino Hills. I see San Bernardino County Sheriffs on the side of the road monitoring collisions within the city and for what I assume are checks for suspicious persons or license plates, but never standing next to a driver’s door issuing a traffic violation.

I’m sure the response to the lack of traffic enforcement, if my conclusion is correct, is to put more patrol cars on duty, which means taxpayers must pay for it.  Of course, an alternative solution would be for drivers to follow traffic and safety laws and slow down to a stop when confronted with a yellow light at an intersection.

Gwynn Sens, Chino Hills

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I am in total agreement with Gwynn's experience and observation regarding such willful violations, unchecked at that site..out of drivers eager violations to "get ahead of others' ! Same frequent violations are taking place, near every light change, at I-91 exit at McKinley, going N, then W at the entrance to the Shopping Center where 99, Costco, Home Depot..are. Drivers are habitually cross into the intersection even after the Orange lights...blocking ongoing traffics! And I have seen fights over such incidents! When is the Police going to take measures against this?!Thanks..

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