The letter “Board members criticized” was a rather harsh and unjust criticism of James Na and Andrew Cruz, who have a Constitutional right and obligation to voice their opinions and concerns, especially regarding the new sex education program that will affect all of our children.

The article stated that the “extreme rightwing” is pushing their brand of religion on families. Who is really pushing what?  Could it be that the extreme leftwing in Sacramento is forcing their anti-science, anti-DNA, views of sexuality on our children? 

Many of our citizens view this new sex education program as indoctrination of liberal leftwing views on sexuality. They really do feel some of the material in the program is pornographic and inappropriate. They believe sexual material should be taught by parents in light of their own moral and religious convictions, not by a teacher who may have an agenda contrary to their beliefs.

The article ended by referring to a “world that awaits.” What world is that?  Is it a world in which our children are taught they can choose their gender, or where we allow transgender boys in the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms?  Will we allow the 5% of gender confused students to override the feelings and privacy rights of the remaining 95%?  “Rightwing” parents care about students who have sexual identity issues, but believe there are better solutions than exposing all children to descriptive sexual material.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, California is “a solid C-minus, 10th from the bottom among the 50 states” in education. Sacramento should increase teachers’ salaries and empower them to focus on fundamentals and leave sex education to parents.  Until then, parents consider opting-out your children from these classes. Vote your values in 2020.

Cherilyn Borden, 

Chino Hills

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