If I oversaw the Thanksgiving menu for my family, I would serve many different foods. I would serve turkey, tri-tip, sausage, and barbeque ribs. 

For fruits and vegetables, I would serve mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, corn, creamed corn, salad and avocadoes for the adults (because most kids I know do not like salad or avocadoes), broccoli, butternut squash, and my favorite form of beans.  Our family calls them "grandma's beans" because my grandma makes them, and she showed me how to make them this past summer.

 I would also make cranberry sauce with my mom. We usually use cranberries and pomegranate seeds. Finally, for desserts I would serve cheesecake, apple pie, pumpkin pie, ice cream, arroz con leche, sweet bread, and pumpkin juice like in the Harry Potter books. 

I would include many decorations. I would put a giant inflatable turkey with a pilgrim hat outside. Inside, I would include crafts made of pinecones, turkey feathers and pumpkins. Finally, I would put orange flowers on the tables and counters. 

I would have three Thanksgiving traditions and activities. The first is going to Amy’s Farm with my dad to prepare the turkeys to eat. We catch the turkey, then we prepare it, and last, we take off the feathers and clean it. The second tradition is using my great grandma’s plates and silverware from when she got married to my great grandpa. They are very fancy. Our final activity is going to the Apple Butter Festival in Oak Glen the day after Thanksgiving. We go on a hike with my grandparents and play a lot of games, then go to the Mission Inn in Riverside to see them light up the hotel. These traditions are a lot of fun. 

In conclusion, there are some things in Thanksgiving that I would change like decorations and food varieties, because changes can be good. But I would not change our traditions.

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