I’m a Chino resident and I work at the Ontario International Airport (ONT).  I live as near the flight path as do many residents upset about aircraft noise from ONT.  Although I empathize with their complaint, I feel a sense of pride, not irritation, when I occasionally hear those aircraft.  I would like to help Chino residents see the positive impact of the airport. 

The foremost benefit is the economic growth it brings to the region.  There are over 10,000 people employed at ONT.   The Economic Policy Institute estimates that for every 100 transportation jobs, an additional 276 jobs are created in the community.  That’s over 37,600 jobs.  Additionally, economic studies show ONT contributes more than $4 billion to the region’s economy.  That means additional jobs, increased home values, and prosperity for the entire region.

ONT also brings convenient travel.  With one stop, you can get anywhere in the world from ONT.  If you’ve had the opportunity to fly out of both LAX and ONT you know what I mean by convenient.  Studies have shown that at least 85% of the passengers that live closer to ONT travel to LAX for flights.  That is unneeded traffic, frustration, lost time, congestion, and pollution.  

As for e-commerce, ONT was the #1 cargo export airport in the US last year. Fed Ex, UPS, and Amazon all serve the entire region from ONT.  The next time you get a package from Amazon, look at the shipping label.  If it has ONT on it, that package came through the airport.  

I hope the next time you hear an aircraft flying over, you will think of the benefits it brings to our community and you will feel the sense of pride I do.

James Kesler, Chino

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I respectfully disagree. Pride is not the feeling I get when loud aircraft wake me up. Nor do I feel pride when, to compete with aircraft noise, truck drivers on nearby Grove begin to blast their horns. Nor do I feel pride when, to compete with trucker air horns, local drivers blast their illegal stereo bass so loud that it vibrates my windows and my brain. Nor do I feel pride when I sit in the ridiculous levels of trucker traffic (who deliver to and from the airport) and who barrel down residential streets in between traffic jams. I could go on but I think my point is clear. The airport and the "prosperity" linked to it in the form of increased air and ground traffic, are a menace. What good is prosperity when our lives, and our mental and physical health are at stake?


I am a resident of Ontario and every morning from 430 am till 8 am airplanes going over my house directly over my house. !!They fly very low they are so loud I can never get a full night's sleep. Every night 7 till 830 planes over my house low and very loud. Oh, throughout the night. I don't care how successful the airport is when my health is at stake and my family's. Mentally it's exhausting because when you work all day you have to get up earlier because of the planes and if you're trying to go to bed you can't because the planes are going over head throughout the whole night. Pride is not even a word to describe the flight paths. Secondly I have been trying to get online about noise control for the Ontario Airport every single path I take from calls. emails everything possible to let them know what we're all dealing with over here and there's a dead end with each one. There's no one to call there's no one to talk to there's no one to email I even drove over to the airport looking for someone help me relate all the issues we have with the noise. They need to respect all of us that pay our bills bought a home for peace and quiet and family. we all are so tired of the constant aircraft going over the same path day Day in Day Out year-in year-out!!! Only getting worse and the thought of that airport getting bigger gives me and the neighbor so much anxiety. It breaks my heart to think that the house I've lived in for 16 years I might have to leave because I can't enjoy it due to the airport. Not only that it's something we have to disclose when we go to sell our home to get away from plane noise and that brings down the price of our houses. So where ilt is good for homeowners I'm not sure.

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