A March 27th Proclamation and signing ceremony by the combined cities of Chino Hills, Diamond Bar and Industry to jointly protect the conservation authority owning 2,445 acres of Tres Hermanos Ranch property is welcome news to all of us. The future of this vast, bio-diverse, natural watershed with various species of animal and plant inhabitants, should be an essential part of our region as protected open space. 

We in the “Save the Tres Hermanos Ranch” group have been working and consulting with the Diamond Bar based "Responsible Land Use" group, the "Diamond Bar Preservation Foundation," "Hills for Everyone," and the "Diamond Bar – Pomona Valley Sierra Club Task Force" to assure this region will continue as natural open space. 

Both Chino Hills and Diamond Bar have zoned portions of this property designated high density residential, but we hope general plan amendments will be addressed to consider transfer of these housing designations elsewhere, to meet the intent of the proclamation. The City of Industry, meanwhile, has severed its relationship with San Gabriel Valley Water and Power, (SGVWP, LLP), and the untenable plan to blanket the total property with solar panels. 

There is a current lawsuit by all three cities against SGVWP which has minimized this threat. So what do the cities plan in the future? I have been told environmental docent-led tours of small groups of residents will be one approach. Another favorite approach might be to allow for restoration of native plants and grasses.

Jim Gallagher, Chino Hills

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