The Rolltop Roundup February 23 suggests that the United States join other countries including China, France, India, Russia by turning (back) to nuclear as significant source for the generation of electricity.

Electricity generated by photo-voltaic (PV) "solar" panels should be the first option.  The sun rises every day at zero cost.  Solar panels do not generate damaging CO2, and they can almost always be placed very close to where the electricity is consumed.  In combination with batteries, power generated and not used can be stored and used when the sun isn't shining.  That power would also be available when the power grid fails.  

The US can start by requiring that every new home and commercial facility built starting in 2021 must have solar panels with battery storage.  By 2025, require every building sold or leased to conform to the same rule.  Inexpensive, no?  Valuable? Yes. Instead of NIMBY, we should all be saying “Yes, In My Backyard!”   

We have had solar panels installed on our Chino Hills home for over 5 years.  Almost 60,000 kWh have been provided right where we use it.  Clean and efficient.  

We'll achieve enough power to pay for our system in about three more years.  At that point, we'll have free electricity. Soon, we hope to add batteries that will store the power we don't use during the day for use at night.  When (it's only a matter of time) the existing power grid fails for days at a time (or longer) buildings with this solution will save countless lives.  We have driven over 70,000 miles in electric cars at about $0.04 per mile.  These technologies are proven.  The time to take advantage is now.

Brian Montoya, Chino Hills

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