distinctions between wills and trusts

Understanding the distinctions between wills and trusts can help people as they begin estate planning.

When comparing Medicare health plans, there are a variety of things to check off the list. Most Medicare plans offer similar benefits; however, member service is an important element that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

For example, when you need more than just a quick answer, a personal exchange with someone local just doesn’t compare to an automated response or speaking with someone at a call center located thousands of miles away (or out of the country).   

Plan benefits change each year, so there will always be questions that need answering. 

Why you benefit from a local Medicare plan:

1. Personal service with a real person answering the phone and no automated phone tree to deal with

2. Strong relationships with local doctors 

3. Member services are familiar with area and local providers

4. Local offices offer Medicare experts on-site that can assist with questions or concerns 

5. Ability to attend free health education and social events close to your community 

Pomona-based Inter Valley Health Plan is known for its personal member service, and have Medicare and Information Vitality offices in neighborhoods in and around the Inland Empire. Members can walk in and talk to a Medicare specialist and take complimentary classes on health and vitality.

So, read reviews about a plan’s reputation and how they take care of their members. And check to see if there are local offices and experts in your area – if a personal approach to service and convenience is important to you. 

Inter Valley Health Plan is a not-for-profit, federally qualified HMO contracted with Medicare, committed to providing quality healthcare coverage for adults 65+. With over 40 years in the business of healthcare, the Plan is dedicated to improving the quality of life for older adults throughout its service area, including San Bernardino and Riverside, as well as portions of Los Angeles and Orange counties. Call 800-500-7018 or TTY 711, or visit www.IVHP.com.

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