Jared Duffy

Don Lugo High football player Jared Duffy runs the first leg of the Tire Roll Relay last Saturday at the Don Lugo lineman and 7-on-7 competition. 

Don Lugo High took third, Chino Hills High finished fourth and Ayala High placed 10th at the 16-team lineman competition football event last Saturday at Don Lugo High School in Chino.

Sixteens teams also competed in a 7-on-7 passing tournament, won by Northview High of Covina with a victory over Bonita High of La Verne in the championship game.

Ayala, Chino Hills and Don Lugo were eliminated in bracket play.

Northview won the lineman competition with 75 points. 

Tustin took second with 73 points, Don Lugo was third with 55 points and Chino Hills was fourth with 48 points. 

Fifth- through 16th-place teams were Bonita (46 points), Norte Vista (45 points, Glendora (36 points), Alta Loma (34 points), Chaffey (34 points), Ayala (34 points), Diamond Ranch (30 points), South Hills (20 points), Locke (18 points), Ontario (18 points), West Covina (12 points), Rosemead (10 points).

Lineman event results 

(first through eighth place)

Tire Roll Relay

Don Lugo, 145.34; Bonita, 147; Ayala, 154; South Hills, 156; Northveiw, 158.5; West Covina, 201; Chaffey, 206; Chino Hills, 206.5. 

Medicine Ball Chest Push Throw 

West Covina, 40.5 feet; Chino Hills, 35.7; Bonita 35.7; Bonita, 31.9; Diamond Ranch, 29.8; South Hills 29.7; West Covina, 29.6.

Medicine Ball Backwards Toss

Bonita, 39.5; Northview, 38.8; Ontario, 38.5; Tustin, 37.9; Rosemead, 36.8; Tustin, 36.5; Chino Hills, 34.5; Ontario, 34.5.

Small Tire Freestyle Toss

Tustin, 45; Chaffey 42.9; Chaffey, 41.6; South Hills, 39.4; Alta Loma, 39.1; Norte Vista, 39; Chaffey, 38.9; Chaffey, 38.

Small Tire Overhead Backwards Toss

Tustin, 35.7; Locke, 34.5; Don Lugo, 34; Tustin, 33.3; Tustin, 32.5; Northview, 32.2; Chaffey, 32.2; Northview, 32.

Bench press

Chino Hills, 31 reps; Diamond Ranch, 28; Norte Vista, 23; Alta Loma, 22; Chino Hills, 22; Glendora, 22; Norte Vista, 22; Rosemead, 21.

Pro Agility

Tustin, 4.32 seconds; Northview, 4.62; Ayala, 4.68; Diamond Ranch, 4.69; Alta Loma, 4.71; Bonita, 4.75; Locke, 4.75; West Covina, 4.75.

Right Handed Saucer Pick Up

Tustin, 5.53 seconds; Don Lugo, 6.09; Tustin, 6.13; Tustin, 6.15; Northview, 6.28; Northview, 6.28; Northview, 6.35; Glendora, 6.47.

Left Handed Saucer Pick Up

Northview, 5.1 seconds; Glendora, 5.94; Don Lugo, 6.19; Tustin, 6.28; Alta Loma, 6.41; Northview, 6.44; Glendora, 6.46; Alta Loma, 6.47.

One-Man Sled Relay

Northview, 55 seconds; Norte Vista, 56; Chino Hills, 57; Chaffey, 62; Diamond Ranch 65; Rosemead, 68; Chaffey, 68; Glendora, 69.

Two-Man Sled Relay

Chino Hills; Notre Vista, Northview, Rosemead, Ayala, Ontario, Glendora, Diamond Ranch.

Obstacle Course

Locke, 26.6 seconds; Don Lugo, 26.66; Don Lugo, 26.7; Ayala, 26/86; Alta Loma, 26.97; Glendora, 27.07; Glendora, 27.1; Northview, 27.16.

Two-Man Tire Push Relay

Northview, 47.74 seconds; Norte Vista, 50.53; South Hills, 51; Alta Loma, 54.3; Chino Hills, 55.95; Diamond Ranch, 56.5; Don Lugo, 57; Glendora, 57.1.

Five-Man Sled Push Relay

Bonita, Ontario, Alta Loma, Northview, Chino Hills, Norte Vista, Ayala, Rosemead.

Shiver Ball Push

Don Lugo, Glendora, Diamond Ranch, Ayala, Chaffey, Norte Vista, Alta Loma, South Hills.

Bag Shield Relay

Tustin, 54 seconds; Glendora, 55.1; Norte Vista, 56; Don Lugo, 56.4; Northview, 57; Chino Hills, 57; Bonita, 57; Ayala, 57.

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