All-Mt. Baldy League honorees were announced in girls’ volleyball, girls’ tennis, football and boys water polo for the 2019 fall sports season. Chino, Don Lugo, Ontario, Montclair, Chaffey and Diamond Bar high schools are league members.

Girls volleyball

Most Valuable Player: Ellie Garcia, Don Lugo.

First team: Don Lugo’s Nicole Briggs, Breanna DeAngelis and Aniya Smith; Chino’s Mia Ambriz; Montclair’s Cerena Hernandez; Ontario’s DeAsia Crawford, Stephanie Franco and Aleena Vera.

Second team: Chino’s Karagan Valera, Deonia Williams and Carissa Marker; Don Lugo’s Capri Salmon and Nicole Boskovich; Diamond Bar’s Brook Cha; Montclair’s Emoni Young and Destiny Torres; Ontario’s Kylie Frye, Jasmin Avila and Kayla Rodriguez.

Honorable mention: Chino’s Claire Sevillano and Danielle Erlandson; Don Lugo’s Marissa Martinez, Elizabeth Ortiz, Yesenia Cazares, Sammie Hughes, Mikaela Gonzales, Alyssa Ruiz and Mariana Alferez; Montclair’s Diana Garcian; Ontario’s Rosi Crespi.

Boys water polo

Co-Most Valuable Players: David Vizcaino, Don Lugo; Nicholas Cheney, Diamond Bar.

First team: Don Lugo’s Tosh Kuhn, Hayden Miller, Cole Jerry and Bruin Salmon; Diamond Bar’s Jude Solis, Kevin Kim, Nicholas Murray, Daniel Stahly Frias and Zed Siyed.

Second team: Don Lugo’s Paul McNaughton and Chris Soto; Chino’s Justin Weidl, Jacob Ramos, Richard Becerra and Dominick Mendoza; Chaffey’s Savino Juarez; Diamond Bar’s Nate Porter; Montclair’s Jonathan Mendoza; Ontario’s Robert Mercado and Julian Tuttobene.


Most Valuable Player: Raymond Rodriguez, Chaffey.

Defensive Most Valuable Player: Leo Carreon, Diamond Bar.

Offensive Most Valuable Player: Adrian Ochoa, Ontario.

Lineman of the Year: Marques Johnson, Ontario.

First team: Chino’s Christian Solomon, Isaac Samano and John DeJulia; Don Lugo’s Gary Garcia, Joesph Galindo, Branden Garcia, Benjamin Chavez and Stephan Cabrera; Chaffey’s Alberto Adams, Patrick Settles, Jesse De La O, Bryce Martin, Sabino Galeana, George Torres and Jeff Mendoza; Diamond Bar’s Dylan Karanickolas, Blake Davis, Chase Wells Josiah Hunter, Brian Baker and Daniel Solis; Montclair’s Devin Amphone, Adrian Vargas and Nikolas Davila; Ontario’s Darren Mejia, Michael Madrigal, Isaac Medina, Nick Ruiz and Matt Coria.

Second team: Chino’s Pastor Valdez, Sebastian Salazar and Koltyn Williams; Don Lugo’s Adrian Gutierrez, Devon Curtis, Jared Duffy, Rene Vasquez, Johnnie Valdez and Frederick Lujan; Chaffey’s Thomas Hill, Dominic Garcia, Kainoa Gildernew, Nikolai Gildernew, Cooper Corey and Anthony Taylor; Diamond Bar’s Sam Nunez, Matt DiPalma and Joseph Alarcon; Montclair’s Andrew Fuentes, Aaron Carmona and Noah Evans; Ontario’s Nathan Meza, Dilliyan Arredondo, Javier Swazo, Kevin Guardado, Treyshawn Walker and Daniel Perez.

Honorable mention: Chino’s Joseph DeJulia, Roman Damas and Matthew Escobar; Chaffey’s Martin Almirantearena, Joseph Manzo, Ian Jackson and Isaiah Lemos; Diamond Bar’s Cory Ung; Montclair’s Joel Mora; Ontario’s Kevin Tran.

Girls tennis

Most Valuable Player, singles: Chole Cadelina, Diamond Bar.

Most Valuable Players, doubles: Kelly Tao and Elizabeth Pong, Diamond Bar.

First team, singles: Montclair’s Janeane Barraza and Hanh Nguyen; Ontario’s Vivian Nguyen.

First team, doubles: Montclair’s Gracie Blades and Yazmine Sanchez; Montclair’s Makayla Sanchez and Amber Sandoval; Ontario’s Carina Caballero and Daniella Perez.

Second team, singles: Don Lugo’s Sarah Velasquez; Diamond Bar’s Natalie Wong; Montclair’s Jennifer Nguyen.

Second team, doubles: Don Lugo’s Sarah Rachunok and Elisha Anna Santos; Ontario’s Raquel Ramirez and Julie Ta; Diamond Bar’s Lauren Chen and Lindsay Kashiwabara.

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