Chino High’s Mia Chavez won the Mt. Baldy League individual title for the second straight year, the Chino Hills High girls’ cross country team captured its fifth straight Baseline League team title and Ontario Christian’s Aidan Vorster won the Ambassador League boys’ title at league cross country finals this week. 

Teams earning a top three spot in the league and top individuals not on automatic qualifying teams will compete Friday, Nov. 15 or Saturday, Nov. 16 in the CIF-Southern Section Preliminaries at the Riverside Cross Country Course. 

From there, qualifying teams and individuals will compete in the CIF-Southern Section Finals on Saturday, Nov. 23 at the same Riverside course with a chance to compete in the CIF State Meet Nov. 30 at Woodward Park in Fresno. 

Times for the preliminary meet will be announced early next week. 

Mt. Baldy League Finals

Results from Thursday’s meet at Bonelli Park, San Dimas

Girls varsity

Team scores: Chaffey 39, Ontario 41, Chino 58, Don Lugo 92

Chino individuals: Mia Chavez, first, 18:12.4; Megan Mirolla, eighth, 19:39.5; Alexis Wachowski, 12th, 20:24.8; Allison Gutierrez, 21st, 22:20.2; Sarah Cuevas-Molina, 22nd, 22:45.6; Alyssa Trejo, 26th, 23:21.1.

Don Lugo individuals: Aariana Amezcua, fourth, 19:06.7; Yasmine Lara, 24th, 23:03.3; Nicole Boskovich, 25th, 23:13.9; Samantha Dominguez, 27th, 23:56.7; Rebecca Figueroa, 28th, 24:47.2.


Team scores: Chaffey 47, Ontario 48, Chino 67, Diamond Bar 68, Don Lugo 106

Chino individuals: Rodrigo Aguilera, eighth, 16:55.4; Kristian Kimberlin, 12th, 17:00.7; Adam Perez, 13th, 17:01.2; Cesar Hernandez, 16th, 17:20.1; Joveth Carrasco, 18th, 17:20.9; Xzavian Ochoa, 32nd, 18:28.4.

Don Lugo individuals: Ricky Villanueva, ninth, 16:59.8; Robbie Valdez, 17:22.7; Jordan Berkeley, 23rd, 17:28.7; Haden Garcia, 27th, 18:07.3; Christopher Sanchez, 28th, 18:11.9; Mark Hamilton, 31st, 18:21.9; James Rodriguez, 35th, 18:46.1

Baseline League Finals

Results from Tuesday’s meet at Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore


Team scores: Chino Hills 30, Etiwanda 62, Upland 71, Rancho Cucamonga 96, Los Osos 113, St. Lucy’s 154

Chino Hills individuals: Lauren Jauregui, second, 18:56.0; Jenna Gallegos, third, 19:05.0; Karis Brown, fourth, 19:06.7; Miranda McGarry, ninth, 19:35.0; Riley Rivera, 12th, 19:49.3; Megan Chiotti, 13th, 19:52.1; Isabella Duarte, 15th, 20:04.8. 


Team scores: Rancho Cucamonga 63, Etiwanda 65, Upland 72, Chino Hills 78, Damien 96, Los Osos 114

Chino Hills individuals: Mason Ma, fourth, 16:09.4; Andrew Garcia, 12th, 16:35.3; Noah Chavez, 17th, 16:40.6; Elijah Dinneweth, 18th, 16:43.6; Jacob Montenegro, 27th, 17:05.8; Brandon Lopez, 17:07.8; Erik Garcia, 34th, 17:21.4.

Palomares League Finals

Results from last Saturday’s meet at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, South El Monte


Team scores: Claremont 20, Glendora 72, Ayala 86, Colony 104, Bonita 108, Alta Loma 140

Ayala individuals: Yael Grimaldi, 11th, 15:23.2; Ko Akabori, 13th, 15:31.6; Austin Lemus, 19th, 15:58.6; Vincent Wood, 21st, 16:00.6; Nathan Tsai, 22nd, 16:04.8; Diego Sagala, 24th, 16:13.3; Aidan Williamson, 25th, 16:14.9.


Team scores: Claremont 25, Ayala 51, Glendora 93, Colony 94, Bonita 133, Alta Loma 134

Ayala individuals: Shaina Berk, fifth, 17:43.1; Emily Garcia, seventh, 18:02.9; Megan Oh, eighth, 18:12.6; Emma Bialy, 13th, 18:43.6; Brianna King, 18th, 18:57.4; Cadence Chang, 20th, 19:03.5; Roxanne Ehrig, 22nd, 19:08.5.

Ambassador League Finals

Results from the Oct. 31 meet at Citrus Park in Riverside


Team scores: Linfield Christian 31, Woodcrest Christian 56, Ontario Christian 60, Aquinas 74, Arrowhead Christian 140, Loma Linda Academy 170

Ontario Christian individuals: Aiden Vorster, first, 16:08.0; John-Mark Mendoza, sixth, 17:12.7; Mitchell Windsor, 11th, 17:40.7; Gage Messick, 20th, 18:35.5; Aaron Vander Tuig, 22nd, 18:38.0; Aaron Yang, 42nd, 19:16.1; Ethan Esproles, 44th, 19:20.1.


Team scores: Linfield Christian 23, Woodcrest Christian 59, Ontario Christian 98, Aquinas 103, Loma Linda Academy 113, Arrowhead Christian 127

Ontario Christian individuals: Francesca Schmidt, 15th, 22:17.5; Elsa Chen, 17th, 22:34.3; Alysa Calderon, 19th, 23:09.4; Ashlyn Noreen, 22nd, 23:25.5; Analisa Burman, 43rd, 24:22.3; Natalie Delgado, 26th, 24:31.1; Emma Kirstenpfad, 28th, 24:42.8.


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