Chino Pumas track and field athletes qualified for the Region 15 Junior Olympic Championships this weekend in Henderson, Nevada after earning qualifying spots at the Southern California Association Track and Field championships in Downey. 

Athletes are Ariah Lewis, javelin; Silei Ili, 800 and shot put; Isaac Lewis, javelin and shot put; Alana Bowles, long jump; Riley Ili, javelin and shot put; Tiago Avila, javelin and shot put; Tau’Ave Ili, javelin; 

Oboima Emechete, javelin; Payton Montes, discus; Audrey Sanchez, javelin; Nathaniel Baca, high jump; Ivan Liggins, javelin and shot put; L’Mio Edwards, 800m; Rochelle Henare, triple jump; Valerie Sanchez, pole vault; Alexis Wachowski, pole vault; Ariel Woods, javelin; Rachel Aguilar, Valerie Sanchez, Alexis Wachowski, L’Mio Edwards, 4x800m relay; Logan Castro, 100m and 200m; 

Tusitala Ili, discus; Zachary Matlock, 200m hurdles; Zachary Matlock, Jeremiah Wiggs, Zion Meaders, Logan Castro, 4x400m relay; Gaius Ilupeju, long jump; Valeia Payne, 100m, 200m and 400m; Geneva Baca, high jump; and Taylor Sanchez, 200m.

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