All-Ambassador League honorees for the 2019 spring sports season.


Player of the Year: Jordan Keller, Woodcrest Christian.

Pitcher of the Year: Wesley Scott, Woodcrest Christian.

Sportsmanship Award: Ontario Christian.

Coach of the Year: John Love, Ontario Christian.

First team: Ontario Christian’s Dylan Alanis, Nolan Jorgenson, Ryan Mendez and Moses Serrano; Woodcrest Christian’s Nathan Corso, Haydon Huff, Jordan Keller and Wesley Scott; Arrowhead Christian’s Caden Maglio and Tim Stegehuis; Aquinas’ Ryan Gallardo and Anthony Phillips; Linfield Christian’s Cooper Whitworth and Mitchel Simon; Desert Christian’s Troy Collins; Western Christian’s Tanner Golden.

Second team: Ontario Christian’s Alvis Nuno, Dylan Schwartz and Aaron Zubiate; Woodcrest Christian’s Carson Cody and Cameron Dejournett; Arrowhead Christian’s Matthew Alvarado, Tucker Gross and Jacob Reyes; Aquinas’ Justin Gurule; Linfield Christian’s Michael Harkins and Austin Sargent; Desert Christian’s Austin Klopfenstein; Western Christian’s Joe Defrancisco.


Player of the Year: Ryleigh Carricaburu, Woodcrest Christian.

Pitcher of the Year: Reina Castillo, Aquinas.

Sportsmanship Award: Desert Christian.

Coach of the Year: Chris Ybarra, Aquinas.

First team: Ontario Christian’s Kaitlyn Hawkins, Reese Montgomery and Bridgette Trujillo; Aquinas’ Reina Castillo, Maya Gonzales, Arianna Hernandez, Dannika Merlos and Bobbiann Pratt; Woodcrest Christian’s Angelina Allen, Ryleigh Carricaburu and Paige Markley; Western Christian’s Kepa Vinyaro and Amelia Weber; Arrowhead Christian’s Juliann Lackey; Linfield Christian’s Ariel Artiga; Desert Christian’s Ashley Klopfenstein. 

Second team: Ontario Christian’s Alexis Toledo; Aquinas’ Skylar Griffiths, Alexis Lizarde and Elieana Navarro; Woodcrest Christian’s Alivia Alexander and Leticia Soria; Western Christian’s Chandler Kerr and Allison Lima; Arrowhead Christian’s Marlisa Lee and Katelyn Reynolds; Linfield Christian’s Natalie Santillan; Desert Christian Academy’s Kaia Johnson; Loma Linda Academy’s Vivianna Williams.

Boys golf

Player of the Year: William Mouw, Ontario Christian.

League Champion: William Mouw, Ontario Christian.

Sportsmanship Award: Linfield Christian.

Coach of the Year: Mark Moore, Linfield Christian.

First team: Ontario Christian’s William Mouw, Isaac Liang, Jackson Annema and Hannah Zeman; Aquinas’ Ethan Azurin; Western Christian’s Folk Soonatout; Linfield Christian’s Grant Tysor, Tom Graham and Jacob Hudiburg; Arrowhead Christian’s Zack Pulliam.

Second team: Ontario Christian’s Ben de Falkenberg; Western Christian’s Danny Torres and Kevin Pitcher; Loma Linda Academy’s Aaron Chokka and Ayan Desai; Arrowhead Christian’s Luke Brandenburg; Woodcrest Christian’s Kaylyn Labasan; Desert Christian’s Evan Howard.

Boys track and field

Track Athlete of the Year: Nolan Crespo, Ontario Christian.

Field Athlete of the Year: Brandon Mehegan, Linfield Christian.

Multi-Event Athlete of the Year: Jarod Beldon, Ontario Christian.

Sportsmanship Award: Woodcrest Christian.

Coach of the Year: Amber Young, Linfield Christian.

League champions

100m: Nolan Crespo, Ontario Christian; 200m: Nolan Crespo, Ontario Christian; 400m: Mackenzie Thomas, Woodcrest Christian; 800m: Mackenzie Thomas, Woodcrest Christian; 1,600m: Braulio Alvarez, Woodcrest Christian; 3,200m: Braulio Alvarez, Woodcrest Christian; 110m hurdles: Jarod Beldon, Ontario Christian; 300m hurdles: Jarod Beldon, Ontario Christian; High jump: Jarod Beldon, Ontario Christian; Long jump: Trent Englebrecht, Ontario Christian; Triple jump: Brandon Mehegan, Linfield Christian; Discus: Terrance Caldwell, Linfield Christian; Shot put: Travion Brown, Linfield Christian; 4x100m: Nolan Crespo, Nathaniel Lozano, Aaron Gaudy, Tyler Ford, Ontario Christian; 4x400m: Riley Batista, Mackenzie Thomas, Nicolas Rojas, Luca Atencio, Woodcrest Christian. 

Girls track and field

Track Athlete of the Year: Ashley Williams, Woodcrest Christian.

Field Athletes of the Year: Noelle Chavez, Aquinas.

Multi-Event Athlete of the Year: Ryley Burns, Linfield Christian.

Sportsmanship Award: Linfield Christian.

Coach of the Year: Eric Reynolds, Woodcrest Christian.

League champions

100m: Ashley Williams, Woodcrest Christian; 200m: Ashley Williams, Woodcrest Christian; 400m: Ashley Williams, Woodcrest Christian; 800m: Sienna Blanche, Linfield Christian; 1,600m: Hannah Barbieri, Linfield Christian; 3,200m: Ryley Burns, Linfield Christian; 100m hurdles: Ella Whitehouse, Woodcrest Christian; 300m hurdles: Ella Whitehouse, Woodcrest Christian; High jump: Devyn Cope, Linfield Christian; Long jump: Ella Whitehouse, Woodcrest Christian; Triple jump: Janell Pido, Aquinas; Discus: Noelle Chavez, Aquinas; Shot put: Noelle Chavez, Aquinas; 4x100m: Payton Belle, Faith Hastey, Skylarr Little, Sierra Snow, Linfield Christian; 4x400m: Sienna Blanche, Skylarr Little, Keslyn Henson, Devyn Cope, Linfield Christian.

Boys volleyball

Player of the Year: David Howerzyl, Arrowhead Christian.

Sportsmanship Award: Woodcrest Christian.

Coach of the Year: Kevin Verkaik, Arrowhead Christian.

First team: Ontario Christian’s Alex Badiola and Chris De Vries; Arrowhead Christian’s David Howerzyl, Trevor Rankin, Ethan Sechrist and Josef Thalmayer; Western Christian’s Bryce Cunning and Hunter Egelund; Loma Linda Academy’s Connor Church, Kaleo Loh and Ethan Paden; Woodcrest Christian’s Bryant Dew.

Second team: Ontario Christian’s Charlie Camarata, Aries Lising and Jared Shackelford; Arrowhead Christian’s Josh Hysell and Richie Thomas; Western Christian’s Robby Reyes; Loma Linda Academy’s Bryan Culberhouse; Woodcrest Christian’s Silas Sheffer.

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