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As a kid, my friends and I would watch Dodger baseball games on TV, listen to them on AM radio, and if we were lucky, we would take the short drive from Chino to Los Angeles to see a Dodger game.

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The Champion welcomes expressions of opinion from its readers regarding matters appearing here, or other matters of interest or concern. 

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Chino Hills Councilman Art Bennett has tested positive for coronavirus. Mr. Bennett had a headache, stiffness and cough, and went to McCoy Equestrian Center for testing Jan. 9. He received the results the next day. Mr. Bennett said his doctor has taken an aggressive approach with treatment t…

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Four plus years ago I took a stab at summarizing what was happening in the presidential election campaign. At the suggestion of a staff member I am reprinting most of that column entitled “Presidential prospects,” which appeared three weeks before the election, on October 15, 2016.