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Cleta Carroll, retired school district employee who died July 26, was the community’s “Greatest Mom,” in 1965. Her son Billy, then 10, won the Champion essay contest on that subject, which drew 220 entries. He won a $25 U.S. savings bond. She had five children, all surviving her.

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It can be very challenging trying to locate the stories of women who had major impacts on the Chino Hills area in the early 1900s, but a rare example is the remarkable Margaret Brewer Fowler, who was an integral player in the founding and operations of Boys Republic for about a quarter centu…

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A look at Chino 50 years ago shows an emerging community of 20,000 faced with some of the same problems it has today. Of course there was no city of Chino Hills or Preserve yet but some basic issues were forming.

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