12605 Cypress Ave.

Hundreds of Christmas decorations cover the outside of 12605 Cypress Ave. in Chino, a home owned for six years by Aida Jugo. “This takes a lot of work,” said Mrs. Jugo of the family’s display. Dozens of families stop by the house nightly to check out the decorations, she said.


●3400 block of Spur Court cul de sac, off Branding Iron Place, south of Chino Avenue, 25 houses synchronized to music broadcast on FM 90.5

●13334 Norton Ave., Disney-themed Christmas display

●13298 Joshua Ave. (off Chino Avenue, east of Mountain Avenue), lights synchronized to music that may be heard at 100.9 FM

●11910 Roswell Ave. (north of Philadelphia Street), dozens of wooden Christmas cut-outs, including Disney characters, Hello Kitty, Elves, Bears, Snowmen and Peanuts characters

●Lemon Avenue and Fillmore Street, plus surrounding streets off of Walnut Avenue, some houses have hot chocolate for sale.

●4060, 4069 and 4075 Jose St., thousands of lights, characters and music sequences in neighborhood south of Don Lugo High School off Pipeline Avenue.

●13315 Netzley Place

●Seventh Street north of C Street

●5808 Walnut Ave., giant inflatable display

●6565 Fillmore St.

●6011, 6023, 6037 Chino Avenue, south side, between Sequoia Court and Sycamore Ave.

●13274 Cypress Ave.

●12605 Cypress Ave., at Grant Street

●5683 Park Place, at Benson Avenue

●6133 Garfield St.

●13059 17th St., Chino, 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 5 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

●6790 Poinsettia Court, animated display set to music

●6771 Manzanita St., animated display set to music

●3910 Philadelphia Street (northeast corner of Philadelphia and Roswell Avenue), lots of inflatables

●3959 and 3969 Wakefield Avenue, Chino, wooden penguin cut-outs, Minions and holiday characters.

●6726 Primrose Court.

●6642 Eisenhower Court.

●13693 Schaefer Avenue.

Chino Hills

●15771 Roan Road (winner of 2014 Best Animation award), from Fairfield Ranch Road, go west on Gateway Drive (across the street from Danbury Park) to Roan Road.

●5386 Buttonwood Court (winner of 2011 Best Holiday Spirit award and 2013 Most Energy Efficient Award), synchronized light show. From Butterfield Ranch Road, go west on Pine Avenue, pass Carob Avenue and Pomegranate Court, turn right on Buttonwood. A donation box is set up on the front lawn for the three children of Gregory Kuhse, a master sergeant in the U.S. Air Force who was killed in October in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

●16062 Pinnacle Road, synchronized light show. From Carbon Canyon Road, go south on Old Carbon Canyon Road, west on Carriage Hills Lane which curves into Pinnacle. (winner of 2012 and 2013 Best Animation Award).

●Tamarind Court, several houses. From Butterfield Ranch Road, go west on Pine Avenue, left on Carob Avenue, which turns into Tamarind.

●13841 Evening Terrace Drive, synchronized light show. Turn north on Monte Verde Drive from Grand Avenue, turn right on Valley View Drive, to Evening Terrace.

●Carob Court, several houses. From Butterfield Ranch Road, go west on Pine Avenue, left on Carob.

●Celadon Court cul de sac with sparkling light displays. Turn south on Slate Drive from Soquel Canyon Parkway, right on Copper to Celadon.

●16475 Onyx Road. From Soquel Canyon Parkway, turn south on Elinvar Drive, which becomes Sapphire Road, and turn right on Onyx.

●Rosetta Lane, several houses. Head south on Fairfield Ranch Drive, pass Wild Sage, west on Rosetta, follow curve to Wilmington.

●17950 Via La Cresta, (winner of 2012 Best Holiday Spirit award and 2014 Most Energy Efficient award). Turn west on Twin Knolls Drive from Butterfield Ranch Road, and go south on Via la Cresta.

●15295 (Best Holiday Spirit award in 2014) and 15285 Oakwood Lane, at Oakwood and Ashwood. From Pipeline Avenue, turn west on Glen Ridge Drive, right on Ashwood Lane, right on Oakwood.

●Rolling Ridge Drive, 15372 (30-foot candy cane, winner of the 2011 Best Animation Award) 15450, and 15292 (house with peace sign on roof).

●3509 Bayberry Drive, lighted modified Volkswagen Beetle, lollipop pathways, Christmas tree, Santa and characters; other nicely decorated homes on Bayberry between Pipeline Avenue and Peyton Drive.

●3079 Oakcreek Road., North Pole. From Peyton Drive, go west on Bayberry Drive, first left on Oakcreek, continue past the curve.

●3151 Frost Avenue. From Peyton Drive, go west on Frost Avenue to Morningside Drive.

●2110 Los Ranchitos Road, north of Rancho Hills Road, between Ranch Creek Lane and Flagstone Court.

●2525 Wandering Ridge Drive, north of Chino Avenue, west of Peyton Drive. Go north on Eagle Canyon Drive off Chino, pass Eagle Canyon Elementary, turn left on Wandering Ridge.

●5163 Copper Road.

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