Jackie Goode

Jackie Goode’s rolling recyclable business takes him up and down the hilly streets of Chino Hills.

Jackie Goode rides around Chino Hills on a bicycle and cart collecting recyclables from wherever he can find them.

Sometimes people throw empty bottles out of their cars that roll to a stop in his path. Whether the bottles are meant to help or hinder him doesn’t matter. He dutifully gets off his bike and tosses them in the cart behind him.

The 61-year-old resident of Chino Hills stops every so often to observe traffic. He speaks out to passing vehicles.

The Champion decided to ask him about it last Sunday afternoon as he was traveling east on Eucalyptus Avenue from Peyton Drive.

Mr. Goode explained that he gets frustrated when drivers don’t turn their blinkers on when making turns.

“Do you see this driver turning left without his blinker on?” he asked. “His laziness will hurt him.”

Mr. Goode said he was pulled over once for an unsafe lane change many years ago when his bulb burned out. As a result, he had to go to court. He wants to protect others from the same fate.

Mr. Goode was born in Abilene, Texas. His dad worked for an oil company so he spent five years in Turkey and later moved to Wilmington, California. 

He spent much of his life as a carnival worker living on carnival lots or in hotels. He figured working for carnivals would be good for him because “they don’t care if you can’t read, write, or spell.”

He didn’t speak highly of a boss who often struck him. He said when he was trying to fix a remote control ride, the boss hit him in the face.

All the set-ups and tear downs eventually injured his back.

Mr. Goode lives at the Rancho Monte Vista mobile home park with his sister.

He said the Chino Hills police like him because he keeps the town clean and keeps drivers out of the courthouse.

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