Illegal trail

One of two illegal trails at the Chino Hills State Park that will be deconstructed. Brush has been placed within the path to prevent use.

Two illegal trails created by park users when the Chino Hills State Park was closed during construction of the entrance road in 2015 will be deconstructed because they are unsafe and an environmental hazard, according to park officials.

The trails were made to gain access to the park and are located near the Chino Hills entrance, said Inland Empire District Superintendent Kelly Elliott.

Ms. Elliott said the “trails closed” signs installed by park rangers have been vandalized at least twice and have been repaired.

California State Parks, with support from the City of Chino Hills, will coordinate the efforts with Cal Fire to close the trails and rehabilitate the area, Ms. Elliott said.

California State Parks will de-compact the soil and place jute netting and straw waddles for erosion control, with native seed mix applied to the site for plant restoration, Ms. Elliott said.

She is asking the public to respect trail closures.

“This project will help maintain the integrity of Chino Hills State Park so the more than 90 existing miles of trails and over 14,000 acres of park land remain beneficial for park visitors and wildlife for years to come,” she said.

Claire Schlotterbeck, executive director of Hills for Everyone, said one of the illegal trails is used primarily by hikers and the one that runs parallel to the entrance road on the south is used more often by mountain bikers.

She said the steep trails are not only illegal but dangerous.

“One would think 90 miles of legal trails are enough,” she said. “We’re pleased the State Park is working to restore the damage.”

Hills for Everyone is the group that founded the State Park.

Visitors can find a map of authorized park trails at the Discovery Center located at 4500 Carbon Canyon Road in Brea, the Bane Canyon entrance located at 4721 Sapphire Road in Chino Hills, on panels throughout the park, or online at

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