Chino Preserve Development Corporation will receive sealed bids by 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at the Preserve Parkhouse at 15871 Main Street, Chino, CA 91708. Immediately following the close of the bidding period, all bids received for this project will be publicly opened and read. No postmarks will be accepted. Late bids will be rejected.

Bids must be prepared on the approved provided proposal forms in conformance with the Instructions to Bidders and marked: BID FOR: TOWN CENTER STREET IMPROVEMENTS , (Do Not Open with Regular Mail)

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The work of improvement consists of furnishing all materials, equipment, tools, labor and incidentals as required by the Plans, Specifications and Contract Documents for the above stated project. The project is located primarily on the south side of Pine Avenue and south of Pine Avenue on Main Street, East Preserve Loop, and Market Street. Improvements include street improvements, traffic signal improvements, water, sewer, and recycled water improvements.

WORK SCHEDULE: The Project is anticipated to begin in March 2022. The Project must be substantially complete within 140 working days after the commencement date stated in the Notice to Proceed.

OBTAINING CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: Plans, Specifications, and Contact Documents may be obtained electronically by emailing Albert A. Webb Associates. Requests should be e-mailed to and It is the Contractor’s responsibility to notify Albert A. Webb Associates if bidding documents are obtained from a plan room so that they may be added to the plan holder’s list. Plan holders that are not on the plan holder’s list will not receive addendums and their bid will be rejected.

Prevailing wage is required for this project. The Contractor is responsible to meet all DIR requirements. See bid documents for all license, bond, and insurance requirements.

1/1, 1/8/22


Publish: January 1, 8, 2022

Chino Valley Champion 08-22


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