Young volunteers from the Better Communities Foundation

Young volunteers from the Better Communities Foundation serve food from 6180 Riverside Drive in Chino, at the Unit K storefront, where the “City on the Hill Christian Church” meets. The foundation distributes food there every Saturday.

A new foundation is on the rise to guide and lead teenagers, mainly high school students, to serve and build up the community. 

The Better Communities Foundation, based in Chino, is action-based with weekly events including food distribution, free tutoring for kindergarten to twelfth grades, and free English as a Second Language classes for those struggling with language barriers, according to spokesman Alan Zhang.

“Our mission is, within the name, to contribute to a better community through outreach events and to create volunteering opportunities for students in secondary education to build up their sense of community,” he said. 

Events take place every Saturday at a church called “City on the Hill Christian Church,” that has offered the foundation its facilities, located at 6180 Riverside Drive, Unit K, in Chino, with Mountain Avenue as the nearest cross street. 

“We hope our young generation can become more responsible and make more contributions to society,” said Yu Sun, a Chino Hills resident and parent of a foundation volunteer. 

Ms. Sun said the foundation is giving free groceries to needy families, and tutoring students who are struggling in math, English, and music theory. 

Ms. Sun said the foundation is planning to create Better Communities Foundation campus clubs at various high schools, visit nursing homes and childcare centers.

“By far, the most important thing we do is the free food distribution,” she said.

Protecting the environment and raising funds are other goals, Ms. Sun said. 

The foundation was established in May 2019 and has only the Chino chapter so far. 

Its website is still under construction. 

“With COVID, we weren’t able to do much until recently, so we are still a foundation on the rise,” Mr. Zhang said. 

“As we slowly head back towards normalcy, we hope to create student chapters with local middle and high schools in the Chino Valley,” he said. The foundation is an ideal way for students to complete community service hours, Mr. Zhang said. “We think our foundation can make their service to the community more meaningful,” he added. Information: (626) 353-0325 or email al

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