Fire board members unanimously approved a $181,000 contract Wednesday night for floor replacement and a bathroom remodel at the 30-year-old Station 66, located at 13707 Peyton Drive, a block north of Grand Avenue in Chino Hills.

A contingency fund of $27,150 was approved as was $24,000 for architect fees, possibly pushing the project to $232,150, according to a fire district report.

Board members in 2018 originally approved $163,000  for the Station 66 project, but based on the bids it received from four construction companies because of increased construction costs and COVID-19 related delays, the final cost was higher than first approved, the report states.

The difference will be funded through the fire district’s unassigned fund balance.

San Bernardino-based R. Dependable Construction Inc. will perform the work, the board announced Wednesday.

“Originally built in 1990, the bathroom is one large open area that houses two toilets, two urinals, three sinks and two showers,” the report states. “The remodeling of the bathroom is needed for gender separation and the required improvements due to the facility’s age. The area will be divided into two individual bathrooms with a sink, cabinets, tile flooring, shower, and a toilet.” The current tile floor is also 30 years old and is also required for replacement because of age, wear and tear and damage caused by foundation settling, according to the report.

The new flooring will be flexible, scratch-resistant and can handle high traffic areas well and designed to last 25 years even with minimum maintenance. It will also replace any carpet inside the station, which could save the district up to $1,500 a year because carpet cleaning services will be not needed.

Desktop computers approved

Board members approved $43,475 to replace 28 desktop computers at its four fire stations and training center in Chino and three fire stations in Chino Hills. Those computers were last replaced in 2015, according to a fire district report. “The district is continuing with the phased approach to replace all district desktop computers,” the report said. “The first phase replaced the administration computers from the 2019-20 fiscal year. The second phase will be the replacement of all fire station and training center desktop computers from the current 2020-21 budget,” according to the report.

The replacement includes secondary monitors, keyboards, mice, warranties and support. Computers and accessories will be purchased through Dell Inc., the report states.

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