Graduates of the Class of 2020 can visit the parking lot of a Chino apartment complex through the end of June to take photos at a graduation-themed set up, complete with tall bushes dressed as graduates and a wood bridge to walk across.

“We’ve had hundreds and hundreds come by to take photos,” said Park West Apartment Manager Debi Ward. “This is not just for high school graduates. This is for everyone from any grade. Preschool, kindergarten and college graduates are welcome.”

The apartment complex, located at 13151 Yorba Ave. between Riverside Drive and Chino Avenue, has a long tradition of dressing up their tall bushes in the parking lot based on a theme.

Christmas, Thanksgiving and summer beach set ups are popular not only with residents living at the complex, but many residents of Chino Valley.

The graduate themed bushes are decorated in the colors of the four Chino Valley high schools – Chino and Don Lugo highs in Chino and Ayala and Chino Hills highs in Chino Hills—and Ms. Ward felt it was the right thing to do as this is the time graduation ceremonies are supposed to take place.

There is also a mannequin dressed as a principal to hand out diplomas.

The principal is wearing a facemask.

“We just thought, oh my gosh, these kids are going to miss their walk across the stage. When we first put this up, people were showing up right away,” Mrs. Ward said.

She said the bushes are also lighted up at night.

“It looks awesome at night,” she added.

Students and their families will have to bring their own cameras and there is no cost to take photos.

“This is all for them,” Mrs. Ward said.

Information: Park West Apartments, 591-0127.

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