The heavily used north parking lot at Ayala Park on Central Avenue is on the road to renovation, along with the picnic pavilion which is in poor condition and will be replaced.

During the Oct. 5 meeting, Chino city councilmembers approved a $1,254,206 project to improve the north parking lot—the main entry to the skate park, trails, softball fields 1 to 4, the recently renovated fields 5 and 6, and the picnic pavilion.

The vote was 4-0 with Councilmember Karen Comstock absent.

The parking lot, which holds up to 195 vehicles, will close Monday, Oct. 18 and is expected to be completed Jan. 28, 2022, according to Keith Martinez, assistant project coordinator.

Of the park’s four parking lots, the north lot is original to the park, has deteriorated over the years, and is not compliant with current accessibility laws, according to Mr. Martinez.

The skate park will remain open during construction, but access will not be from 12th Street, which will be closed.

Visitors can access the skate park through the maintenance gate on the same side as the main entrance gate, until construction is complete, Mr. Martinez said.

The project includes the removal and reinstatement of the parking lot asphalt, and construction of a new picnic pavilion which was found to be in disrepair during an inspection (see photo front page).

New walkways, curb and gutter, trees with drip irrigation, accessible tables, and an accessible drinking fountain will be installed.

A drainage system will be placed underneath the parking lot.

To complete the project, the intersection adjacent to the entrance into the parking lot will be redesigned and striped to provide a safe path of travel for those using the multi-use trail.

The contract was awarded to Klassic Engineering and Construction Inc. of Orange, which was the lowest bid, in the amount of $1,254,206 with an additional $125,420 in project contingencies.

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