Draft maps released Nov. 10 by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission show that some areas in Chino Hills are separated from the rest of the city in a congressional district.

The commission has been working on redrawing boundary lines for congressional, state senate and state assembly districts so that the state’s population is evenly allocated among the new districts. 

This process occurs every 10 years to reflect the Census. 

According to the draft map, the Los Serranos and Fairfield Ranch neighborhoods have been split off from the rest of the city. 

“I have been watching this whole process and am concerned,” said Mayor Brian Johsz. “We aren’t a large enough city, like Los Angeles, to justify splitting us between districts.” 

The mayor said Los Serranos isn’t even kept together, with upper Los Serranos in one district and lower Los Serranos in another. 

Mayor Johsz, who represents these communities in District 4, said he submitted comments to the Redistricting Commission and waited on hold for hours to testify over Zoom and ask that the city be kept completely within one congressional district.

Chino Hills resident Jim Case said the new boundaries raise a variety of equity issues. He submitted comments to the Commission asking for a map adjustment to incorporate Los Serranos and surrounding neighborhoods into one congressional district. 

Mr. Case said these neighborhoods west of Chino Creek and north of Pine Avenue are a vital part of the city and should have federal representation that incorporates their needs with the rest of Chino Hills.

“These neighborhoods include the most ethnically and economically diverse neighborhoods in Chino Hills, including a large number of Hispanic residents whose interests may be neglected should they be excluded...” he wrote.  He said the senate and assembly draft maps represent the needs of the entire city. 

Commission Chairperson Trena Turner said the maps are drafts and not final. She encouraged the public to submit feedback by Tuesday, Nov. 23. Visit wedrawthelin esca.org  and click on “comments.”  Draft maps can be also be viewed.

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