CC Road merge lane, concrete channel in $11 million budget

Streetlights will brighten up this dark stretch of road on Eucalyptus Avenue and the concrete channel will be replaced with a storm drain.

An $11 million capital improvement program budget for fiscal year 2021-22 contains major infrastructure and street improvement projects for Chino Hills, almost all paid for from funding sources other than the General Fund, such as storm drain facilities fees, water and sewer utility fees, and Measure I funds.

One of the projects is the widening of the merge lane on Carbon Canyon Road where it intersects with Chino Hills Parkway, for a cost of $510,000.  

Vehicles in the double turn lane on westbound Chino Hills Parkway entering Carbon Canyon Road often block the lanes on Chino Hills Parkway during peak morning traffic hours. 

The existing merge lane on Carbon Canyon Road is about a tenth of a mile long and will be extended to about half a mile, said public works director Daniel Bobadilla. 

He said Caltrans will take the lead on the project.

Another major project is constructing storm drain pipes to replace the concrete channel (see photo)  on Eucalyptus Avenue on the north side of Boys Republic, from Litel Elementary School to the vicinity of the former fire station.

The $2 million project would include a catch basin inlet, streetlights, and a 5-foot wide sidewalk. 

Other projects include $100,000 to convert the tennis court at Vellano Park on the south side of Woodview Road into four dedicated pickleball courts; $254,000 to construct a city entry monument on Grand Avenue, west of the Grand Avenue Park; $600,000 on a citywide wastewater master plan study; $600,000 for a citywide storm drain master plan study; $2.5 million for pavement rehabilitation, restriping and a buffered bike lane on Soquel Canyon Parkway from Pomona Rincon Road to the northern city limits; $500,000 to repave the second portion of Woodview Road; $1.1 million  to improve Grand Avenue from the 71 Freeway to Peyton Drive, and modify the existing westbound Grand from a single-left turn lane to a double-left turn lane; $624,173 for the construction of sidewalks, curb, gutter, and driveways on El Molino Boulevard, Lugo Avenue, and Gird Avenue; and $1.5 million for the annual overlay and slurry seal project on various streets citywide.

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